10 Best and Usefull CakePHP 2.x Component for Web Developer

10 Best and Usefull CakePHP 2.x Component for Web Developer

CakePHP is a great framework for developing web. Personally, I use this framework to create an online web store. The process of making a web which usually takes about 30 days, can be done only 10 days. CakePHP is so fast and easy to use. This framework is very complete, there are a lot of functions and helper, thus speeding up web development. It seems, if you are a serious developer, you should use the framework as a foundation of web development. Whatever framework you use, you have to be an expert in it.

Because I am a user of CakePHP, I would like to share an important component and the most widely used by web developers. This post really helped me to remember that an important component of cakephp. Sometimes, I forget this important component, so I wrote it down so as not to forget.

All components are written for CakePHP 2.x, so for CakePHP 1.3.x users please immediately move on.

PHP Excel Component and Helper for CakePHP 2.x

Component to creating and reading file XLS using PHPExcel Project Library. Download

Google Drive Component

CakePHP Component to access Google Drive. Download

CakePHP Gzip

Amazing component to compress html output with gzip compression system. I guarentee this is very important. Download

CakePHP Geocoder Plugin

Its very easy to convert location / address in to coordinate. Download

Amazon S3 Plugin for CakePHP 2.x

Its a component to access Amazon S3 server. Feature

  1. Retrieve a remote file from an S3 bucket and save locally
  2. Save a local file in an S3 bucket
  3. Delete a file in an S3 bucket

CakePHP Mobile-Detect Component

Sometimes we want to detect if a web visitor from a mobile device or desktop, this component will detect it for you. So, you can provide the right content for them. For example, if they are using a mobile device, you can offer an android program that can be downloaded from Google play store or app store.

Qimage Component for CakePHP

A component to manipulate the image that has been uploaded to the server. For example, you can manipulate the image such as:
copy, resize, add watermark, crop, getError and others. There are many other functions

Cakephp Captcha Component 2.0

A web application that is accessible to the public need a safety, minimum fill capcha to ensure that the form is a human and not a bot or a robot. This component easily create capcha to your system. Download

CakePHP Facebook Component

This is my favorite component, with these components, we can easily access the Facebook API. You can do anything with the Facebook API, eg status updates, upload photos, news streams and other access. Download

Ajax File Upload Component for CakePHP 2.x

Component that combines javascript and CSS to create AJAX-based file uploader in CakePHP. Also read file upload with HTML 5. Download

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