10 Best Logo Design Inspiration Febuary 2014

Logo is the most important thing for a brand or product. The logo will make your product easy to remember, for that you need a good logo design, nice views, nice looking and comfortable easily remembered by consumers. Let’s say a bike shop logo, there should be a bike picture and a few words that describe the bike shop.

Creating a logo is a difficult thing, and usually you need an experienced logo designer. On the internet, a lot of logo designers who can use his services, just pay a few dollars, for example on you only pay 5 dollars for every logo.

If you want to see some of the logo, as a logo design inspiration how you will, we have summarized some beautiful and fresh logo design.

Here, the best 10 logos for the month of February 2014

1. Skate with The Greats

Skate With The Greats

2. Owlove

Suitable for cafe or restaurant

3. Just Swim

Just Swim
This logo design perfect for rescue team or commercial swiming pool

4. Standarrd Boekhandel

Standaard Boekhandel

5. Indian River Logo


6. Lavender Fields Guest House

Lavender Field Guest House
inspiration for your guest house logo

7. Back to School

Back to School
Matching for textbook store, book store, and more.

8. Knowbility


9. The Rooster Badge

The Rooster Badge
Perfect for chicken rooster

10. Crazy Chips

Crazy Chips

That’s the logo design that you can make referesi or ideas, so that you can develop a logo according to your business model, your inspiration and the spirit of your business.

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Written by Bimo Hery Prabowo

Web developer, big fan of CakePHP, loving wordpress soo much. You can found him on Google+ and Facebook. Dont forget to follow him on Twitter.

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