10 Free and Must Have Vintage and Retro Photoshop Actions

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For some reason, images with vintage effects and retro make my feelings into a comfortable and calm. Perhaps, because I always miss the past, the past feels comfortable place to live and be creative. The photos were taken at this time can be modified with photoshop so like the past. This is an exciting time machine. Be creative with the past is a passion, moments like living again.

After release out freebie, vintage photo collection, I want to share another freebie, ie vintage photoshop action. To install Photoshop action, please follow the following tutorial.

Here are some vintage and retro photoshop action that I used to give effect to the photos. If you do not like using photoshop, please use this software and optimize image size

1. 14 Photoshop action pack (vintage and retro included)



2. 10 Retro and Vintage Action for Photoshop

retro action


3. Vintage Neon Photoshop action

vintage neon


3. Lith Print Action

lith print action


4. Vanilaroid Photoshop Action



5. Old Photo Action

old photo action


6. Cold Retro Action

cold retro


7. Melon Dream Photoshop Action

melon dream


8. Gum Bichromate Print Action


9. Dramatic Sephia Action

dramatic sephia


10. Soft Vintage Photoshop Action

soft vintage


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