10 Free Soft Photoshop Actions for Retouch Your Photos


Photoshop advantages compared to other photo editor is the action feature, and the designers who released photoshop action on the Internet very much and mostly free. With photoshop action, and can modify the pictures or images easily and quickly. You just have to choose what kind of effect that is suitable for your picture or photo.

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Some photoshop action can be installed at minimal photoshop CS 2. I use Photoshop CS2 because its free. Let’s┬ábegin

Sunny Photoshop Action

sunny photoshop action


Photoshop Creamy Action

photoshop creamy action


Old Tones Photoshop Action

old tones photoshop action

Contains 6 action ready to use.


Sunlight Photoshop Action

sunlight photoshop action

Contain 2 action different. Download

Softred Photoshop Action

softred photoshop action


Color Play Photoshop Action

color play photoshop action


HDR Photoshop Action

hdr photoshop action

The preview says it all, the one previewed is Overlayed HDR fix, you will have to adjust the saturation to fit the scene, or to taste, the preview has a +50 sat applied, enjoy.


Glamour Skin Retouch

glamour skin retouch photoshop action

With this action, you can edit skin more smooth and beautiful


Retouch Color Photoshop Action

retouch of color photoshop action

Its photoshop action will retouch your photo color, fix it and make it better.



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