10 High Quality Web Design Blogs That Accept Guest Blogger

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What is it?

Guest blogging is writing on another blog. Topics that you write must match with the blog. Many advantages to being a guest blogger as your profile is widely spread, building a brand, prove that you’re an expert in your field and add the backlink (if you want to include a web link).

But guest blogging will look like spam activity if you don’t pay attention to a few things here.

1. the articles that you write should be long, a minimum of 700 words or so. And better if more than 1000 words and contains the complete content, interesting and unique.

2. blogs that accept guest blog should be nice, having a rank in the google, many index in search engine, old domain and others. In a nutshell has the domain authority.

3. use the links as necessary: give a link to the outside if it’s really necessary.

Before continue to reading, please read this : Right guide to link building for 2014

Caution, google is monitoring the activities of guest blogging which looks like spam activities. In fact there is nothing wrong with guest blogging, because guest blogging is indeed necessary. Most importantly, you have to give a good article, content is preferred by readers, so that they are to share your article and there was a great buzz in social media. This is desired by the bloggers.

I like the guest blogging activity. The aim is to introduce who I am through the article. And guest blogging is the right way. It seems to me. And for google, I’m not going to use this way to implement spam. I will give you interesting content, I made it in original and through research.

For that, I started collecting blogs that accept guest blog. Please note, all the blogs that exist under this is a high quality blog, so it is safe. The requirement for writing there really strict, and it is a challenge for me.

1. WebDesignerDepot.com


2. WebDesignMaz.com

Write here

3. SitePoint.com

Write here

4. DesignShack.com

Write here

5. SpeckyBoy.com

Write here

6. SmashingMagazine.com

SmashingMagazine offers guest blog, but your article must be complete, high-quality and informative. However, writing for SmashingMagazine has its own challange. Write there

7. Hongkiat

Hongkiat accept guest blog. They are has writer from around in the world, professionals in their field, competent writer, good writing and more. So, hongkiat become as high-quality site in web design blog. I often search resource for web development there. Ok, if you want to more challange, write there and improving your writing skill. Become a professional writer is pleasure.
Write there

8. Tut+

Tut+ is contains premium tutorial, especially for web designer and web developers. You article will priced with money, however your article must be high quality, deserve sale and premium class. You will get money, popularity and also backlink.

Tut+ accept tutorial article and screencast. Before actions, please read author guide page. That page will show to you : how to write there in complete format.
Write there

9. Cruzine

Cruzine is a blog that contains about CSS, Javascript, Tutorial, inspirations, photoshop and freebies. Cruzine has rank 100K of alexa  and PR4 from google (main page). To writing there, you only need 300 until 400 words. I think its very easy. Write there

10. TheDeepEndDesign.com

TheDeepEndDesign.com open oportunity to writing in their site. TheDeepEndDesign.com has high quality control for article that published. Indeed, this is make you write article in high quality, and its good for further.

Cautions : TheDeepEndDesign.com not accept guest blogger that only want to getting backlink. You must give them high quality article, original from your hand – no accept from paid writer (or SEO company)

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