10 Node.Js Example App + Tutorial for 2014

Node.js is a platform that runs on chrome javascript runtime. Node.js is used by many large companies to build real-time applications, managing large data and terdistrubusi. Node.js is easily to be developed, stable and secure.

One of the IT company that uses node.js is Linkedin. They use node.js to support mobile applications, so it can be used on a large scale. Node.js is studying pleasure. We can create a server-side application, supporting applications, distributed networks and others. If you master node.js, many large companies who will use your services. believe me.

In this post, I want to share some examples of applications created with node.js, there may be some tutorials that you can learn

1. Getting Started with Node.js + Database Tutorial

Getting Started with Node.js + Database Tutorial

Setting up your first node.js app, just running it with connection to database. Read more

2. Using Node.Js to Creating Real-time Web App

Using Node.Js to Creating Real-time Web App

In this tutorial, you will create a simple chat application that uses node.js. Good luck, good luck. Read more

3.Running Node.js on Heroku

Running Node.js on Heroku

Try to setting up node.js on heroku platform. Read more

4. ToDo App with Node.js

ToDo App with Node.js

Collaboration between node.js and express.js to creating todo web app. Read tutorial here

5. Creating Single Page App with Node.Js + SugarSkull + HTML 5

Creating Single Page App with Node.Js + SugarSkull + HTML 5

This tutorial will learn how to create a web app with just a single page. And in this tutorial, you will learn the use of node.js, HTML5 and sugarskull. Read more

Recomended : Learning HTML5 with example

6. Creating Chat App with Node.js + Socket.io

Creating Chat App with Node.js + Socket.io

Learn and practice how to creating chat app with node.js and socket.io. Read more

7. Node.js faster than PHP with this tutorial

Node.js faster than PHP with this tutorial

This tutorial will prove that node.js faster than PHP. Follow this tutorial and you will understand why node.js become the platform on many companies. Read more

8. Creating Map App with POSTGIS and Node.js

Creating Map App with POSTGIS and Node.js

Read more

9. Creating Customer App with Node.js

Creating Customer App with Node.js

This case study will learn how node.js is suitable for making customer service applications on a large scale industry. Read more

10. Creating Simple Drawing Game with Node.js

Drawing games is not a serious application, this is just a game. But the tutorial how to make this game will make you a serious node.js programmer. Read more

Ok, it’s 10 applications can be made with node.js. In the next post, I will share the game that can be created with node.js, stay tune.


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