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WordPress is a Content Management System that can’t be replaced. There are many designers and Internet users that are totally against it while others are felt in love with WordPress. Willing or not, WordPress is the core of a real industry where designers and developers are working hard to assure a better user experience to everyone. Almost 25% from all websites are built using WordPress; I think that this fact will make you think twice about ignoring WordPress.

WordPress is simple to use; someone once said that if you can create documents using Microsoft Office or Google Docs, then you may use WordPress to create a website. The most challenging part of creating a WordPress powered website is to find the proper theme. Fortunately, there are many options to buy themes. In fact, there are so many themes that it’s impossible to check all the available ones. Across time, some websites focused on selling premium WordPress themes. The result is great- now we have good prices, very efficient customer support, and useful filtering systems so buying a WordPress theme is a pleasing activity. If you are interested in buying a premium WordPress theme, you should pay a visit to the next markets. I consider that you have more than 99% chances of finding the best theme for your project.


Theme Forest is a well-known place and I guess that any presentation is useless. Here are the most WordPress themes for sale than any other markets. All the themes are high-quality because the approving team is very demanding. The prices are very fair, you may buy a premium multipurpose WordPress theme with $59. I think that it is pretty affordable, isn’t it?



The same as Theme Forest, Creative Market is a place where you can purchase not only WordPress themes, but also UI kits, buttons, website templates, Joomla or Tumblr templates. The prices and the quality of the themes are similar to Theme Forest, too.



At the moment of writing this post, Mojo-themes announced that they have for sale 2112 items, 127,688 people using their services, and 341,183 items were downloaded. I guess that these numbers are enough to convince you about the importance of this market.



Woo Themes is “an old player” in the WordPress themes & plugins industry and its products are worldwide appreciated.  You may buy a single theme and you should pay $39 or you may buy all the themes (63 at the moment of writing this post) for $399.



I think that Elegant Themes is a great solution for the ones having more than a single website. They are selling 87 amazing themes for a yearly subscription starting from $69 for a personal license.



Theme Fuse offers only stunning themes; the prices are varying, but the majority of themes are $55. There are more than 30 WordPress themes and are covered all the fields, from blogging, business to real estate and portfolios.



Themify themes are well-designed, very customizable and intuitive. You may buy all the themes with $79 which is in my opinion a real bargain. If you aren’t interested in this offer, then you may buy a theme for $49. I think that this price is also reasonable because you have one year of free support and updates and one free theme bonus!



Theme Trust constantly offers coupons and some of their discounts are very tempting! The themes are amazing and you should pay $59 for a single theme.



Rocket Theme is a good place to buy WordPress themes, but there aremany Magento and Joomla themes for sale, too. An original part of this market is represented by the “Docs” section. If you are a total newbie and you want to learn the WordPress basics, then this section should be carefully studied. It’s a great help for the less experienced WordPress users and no doubt, it fosters the client- market relationship.



Are you interested in this offer – 75 top-class WordPress themes for $299? If you are a designer or a developer this offer seems too good to be true! Of course, you may buy a single theme, but the price is pretty high- $79 for Standard Pack and $139 for Premium pack (the difference between the packs is the fact that the buyers of the Premium pack are receiving prioritized support).


I hope that this post is useful for everyone interested in achieving a WordPress theme. The developers that create themes for sale should contact the teams behind these markets. Usually, they are very open and perhaps both parts may gain good profits. Even though there are presented only 10 markets you shouldn’t worry about. Each market has many wonderful and customizable themes and you will find the proper solution for your website. At the end, if you appreciate my research job, please share the post with your friends!

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