10 Simple Editing Tricks for WordPress Newbies

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Have you started and published your first website in WordPress? You might be a new web developer and not familiar with all the other features that you can do to your website but do not worry. You have all the time and means to update and take your website in a higher level. You just need to invest your time to learn from different tutorials that is widely available in the internet. As long as you have the foundation built already, it will be easy to add on some features and upgrades.

wordpress tips for beginer image

You have your theme and basic designs up and published; now it is time to do some editing and transform your website. Listed here are some of the editing tricks that can help you do some upgrades:

  1.  Learn the keyboard shortcuts. Now this is a basic editing technique in and out of WordPress. Shortcut keys exist to simply enter commands. Copying and pasting codes are made easier by copying all codes thru pressing CTRL + A keys and pasting thru pressing CTRL + V keys. Same is true with applying a little return for your text in WordPress, just press SHIFT + Enter keys. Little return will help you manage the spacing of your texts.
  2. Copying and pasting codes. You might save some of the codes in your document or some of the copied sample codes available in the internet. Remember to review the codes first. You must clean up all the “mso” codes and “span” tags. You can also paste it as plain text and WordPress helps you clear the formatting included in the codes.
  3. Maximize the use of “Add Media” button in WordPress. “Add Media” button allows you to easily insert images, audio, videos and PDF files that are saved in your computer.
  4. Format your images. You can format and edit your images as simple as clicking your inserted images and choosing from the options that will appear after clicking it. Formatting and editing tools like alignment, resizing and deleting.
  5. Create links. When you are creating links, do not just use the “click here” to redirect your audience to the link, rather, you must use a descriptive language that your audience can clearly understand what that link is for.
  6. Post settings. Opposite from creating links, your permalinks should be short but easy to understand.
  7. Always give credit to whom it is due. Use BlockQuotes to identify and highlight contents, quotes or messages of a different writer.
  8. Assign a GradNews category. Just like in newspapers, headlines or the front page is for the things you want to feature. Also allot a space for your important announcements. As you upgrade your site, it is time to do some organizing, so that people will see easily what you want them to see.
  9. Adjust your editing screen. Click on the button “Screen Options”. This will give you options on which you can view your editing environment. You can view based on revisions, layouts, or full view editor.
  10. Do not go overboard. Yes you are excited in editing and upgrading your website. But do it progressively. Sudden big change can shock your audience. You can regularly add up the minimal and unnoticeable changes, but for change of layout and change of theme, make sure you take time for transition.

Go, develop and improve your website. Make sure you level up your editing skills with these simple tricks.

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