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10 Useful Bootstrap Plugin You Should Know

Although the bootstrap is very complete and ready for use, for some people, bootstrap still require customization to better suit one’s desires. That is, for some have not satisfied just using the bootstrap, there should be customization. Then came some bootstrap modified.

But, this time I want share plugins that are useful for bootstrap. The plugin will add the ability to bootstrap in web designing in accordance with your wishes. Maybe you do not know this plugin, but you need it. So, please bookmark this page or share it with your social media

Here is, 10 useful bootstrap plugin may you dont know.

1. Jekyll Blog Bootstrap


Is a bootstrap is used to create a blog page in Jekyll, which is 100% compatible with GitHub Pages. Download

2. Bootstrap Modal

Is an additional feature for the bootstrap modal window. With this plugin you can make: window responsive modal, load content via AJAX, a full width window modal and many more.

Demo / Download

3.  Bootstrap Switch

bootstrap switch

Turn checkboxes and radio buttons in toggle switches. Download / Demo

[text-blocks id=”3229″]

4. Datetime Picker for Bootstrap

datetime picker for bootstrap

Useful datetime picker for bootstrap. Ready for real project

Demo / Download

5. Bootstrap Tour

bootstrap tour


Its a simple to creating page tour with bootstrap popover, Check demo here or download

6. Ember Bootstrap

bootstrap with ember.js

A set of UI elements styled using the Boostrap toolkit to use with Ember.js. The ultimate goal is to provide all elements from the Bootstrap toolkit.

Demo / Download

7. Bootstrap Lightbox

bootstrap lightbox

Add a lightbox feature on bootstrap, using window modal customized

Demo / Download

8. Combobox Bootstrap

bootstrap combobox

Simple adding feature to bootstrap combobox, so user can be more understand.
Demo / Download

9. Bootstrap Tag with Jquery

bootstrap tag box

Simple bootstrap plugin to creating tag box

Demo / Download

10. Bootstrap Slider

bootstrap slider

Creating simple slider with value return

Demo / Download

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