15 Logo Fonts Every Designer Should Know

best logo font collection

Logos are everywhere. Large, small, creative and not really: we see them every day wherever we go. If done properly with an exquisite taste, we enjoy and admire them. These visual images are an essential quality of both new and experienced brands. The first thing we notice about a logo is its color. It can either strike our imagination or be really repellant. However, the actual information about the brand we can get from the text that is printed on its logo. This is when a knotty problem about the logo design appears: how to choose a suitable font for your future logo that will be neither trivial nor repulsing and will be appealing for your company’s image. Keeping this problem in mind, we have come up with 15 logo fonts every designer should know that convey a vivid positive impression.

best logo font collection

1.  Escalope

If the logo you’re designing is supposed to be fresh, catchy and engaging, pay your attention to escalope. This is an excellent hand-drawn font that can be used in 4 different styles. It looks great indeed, especially if you combine it with hand-drawn pictures. The birth of Escalope coincided with the biggest logo design trend 2017: hand-drawn logos. That’s why this font has become as popular as it could only be.

Follow the link www.myfonts.com/fonts/antipixel/escalope/

2. Mosk

This font comes in 9 different styles and this is the first advantage it has and not the last one. It is created to rivet people’s attention and looks especially great on dark backgrounds. That’s why it creates an impression of some deep swirl that draws you in. If any font should be called mesmerizing, it’s Mosk.

3. Multiverse

Choosing Multiverse you’ll kill two birds with one stone, for it allows you to follow two main trends of logo design 2017: broken letters and geometry. This font looks even better when combined with a geometrical logo and the letters assure you the logo will be really noticed.

4. Butler

Looking for a creative and impressive font? There are a lot of them but Butler differs from all the others by its massive weight. Used on a logo, it makes it somehow massive and leaves a feeling that the letters are almost 3D. It goes with 7 different styles that’s why gives a lot of space for your creativity.

5. Albatross

The font got its name probably because its letters remind of this seabird and its A is actually a spitting image of albatrosses’ beaks. The font looks light and airy, that’s why it will be superb on any background you choose. It has only 2 styles (regular and bold) but you won’t need more: these are enough to create a stunning logo that will correspond with the brand’s concept.

6. Andrea

Spring has come which means everything must be pretty, beautiful and perfect. Andrea is the font that allows you to design a logo in this very way. Its handwritten letters are presented just in one style but that doesn’t mean you won’t be satisfied with the result if you do decide to choose this style.

7. Standard Issue

The font that combines retro and grunge is great for a logo that requires tall and slim letters. It also needs lots of space to get noticed but has several different textures which is why you may combine it with any color you need – it will always suit.

8. Gogoia Typeface

This is a soft font that consists of capital letters. It’s inspired by Brazilian tropical weather which is why awakes only pleasant and calm feelings. Moreover, it makes you smile, so if you want the logo to be associated with warm emotions, try out Gogoia.

9. Lemon Bird

Funny, bright and absolutely free of charge – Lemon Bird must be used only for those logos that need to be entertaining and tempting. Looking at such logos your first thought would be to try the product they offer (no matter whether you need it or not). This font has several different styles and is aimed at being used for engaging and fascinating projects.

10. Margot

Designed specially for corporate identity, Margot fulfills its calling in a flawless way. It can be both restricted and unruly, depending on the purpose of its usage. Designers like this font for its universality: its suits practically to every brand you choose. Moreover, it goes great with images and becomes a final chord on logo’s creation.

11. Born

This is an aristocratic font that can be used almost in every concept of logo design. It belongs to a humanistic category of design fonts and can easily is successful in endorsing products or services that chose this font for their logos. Its major perk is that Born is completely free of charge and can be used on commercial purposes.

12. Slot

All the world goes round. That’s why Slot, being a round font, matches the latest tendencies in the universe of web design. Its unusual shape allows Slot to be different from other fonts. It also adds a slightly ironic note to the whole concept of logo designing making it worth admiring.

13. Quito

Why to recreate the wheel if we have Quito? This font consists of smooth geometrical lines that’s why it falls into the trends of 2017 logo design. If you were looking precisely for some circle-shaped logo, congratulations: you’ve found a perfect match. Unfortunately, this font doesn’t have any numeral symbols but it’s the only disadvantage excisting.

14. Audrey

Audrey Hepburn was believed to be one of the most beautiful women with undeniable elegance and grace. Perhaps, this font was inspired by her because it has the same qualities. What’s more, the font is great if you want to add a hint of luxury to your logo design.

15. Kraftstoff

Kraft is a German word for Power. The font created by the American web designer Guilherme Schneider is powerful indeed. It creates a strong visual impression which is exactly what a great font must do. The font has only one style but it still is essential for the creating of an impressive logo.

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