4 Best WYSIWYG HTML Editor for Bootstrap 3.0 and Jquery

I love the WYSIWYG HTML editor that runs on the web. Ideally as a textarea replacement. With WYSIWYG HTML Editor, you can edit the web with ease, seklaigus to add some formatting such as bold (bold), add links, add images and others. Previously there was a major player in the field of WYSIWYG HTML editor, such as CKE Editor, TinyMCE and others. The software is very heavy and requires a lot of files, size large and require large bandwidth to load the website.

CKE editor and TinyMCE has too many features. And this is not even used by the user. WordPress is already used by many websites, on the WYSIWYG HTML editor its not too much, because it takes only a few.

This time, I wanted to share something that I think is cool and perfect for your next web development. WYSIWYG HTML editor based on Jquery and bootstrap easy to use and implement in your projects. Excess Bootstrap is easy to use and the results are truly extraordinary. A beginner can produce a web design that is in accordance with industry standards, and Jquery will make your website more interactive.

1. Frola Editor Plugin for Jquery

frola editor
this is small tool for jquery and display in line editor. Powerfull. You can access demo here or download now for free (non-commercial use)

2. Summernote for Bootstrap and Jquery

I like this because the editor and jquery-based bootstrap. The results were impressive. The interface is simple, easy to use and responsive. Suitable for a comment form on your blog. Download now or Read documentation

Update : I use it on my project, done work and awesome!

3. Medium Editor for Jquery

medium editor

Editor almost the same medium as Frola Editor, but its a little more. Which do you think is better?
Demo | Downlaod

4. SCEditor for Jquery

Support for BBCode forum and also HTML editor.
Demo | Download

WYSIWYG editor that you can use to build a web that much easier. If you possess suggestions, please send it via the comments below. Thank you

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