5 Best Bootstrap Template for Portfolio and Company Profile

At present , developing an application easier when using the framework. Moreover web application , if you are not using a framework , it can certainly be hard and long in the works and compile code . If you are using PHP , there are many frameworks available in the market , whether free or paid . Example : CakePHP and Code Igniter .

While in terms of design , you can use the CSS framework and combines it with the PHP framework above . The results of the merger will result in tough applications , rapid manufacturing and it looks cool .

CSS frameworks are the most popular on the planet is a bootstrap from twitter . Currently bootstrap from twitter has reached version 3.0 and a lot of changes and added features .

This time I want to share 5 templates created from Bootstrap , everything is cool and modern look . You can use it for commercial purposes or web profile . I chose it because I was very impressed with the design and appearance.

1. Bolt Theme

This template ready for personal profile. Made with bootstrap 3.0
Demo | Download

2. Small – For Dribble Portfolio

Demo | Download

3. Contact Page

This template is suitable for contact page, such as business cards. You used to give to clients, now you can put it on the internet, replacing business cards.
Demo | Download

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4. Flatty

A template that is suitable for you who want to create web applications for mobile. Let’s say you are an iphone or android application developer. You can create a web page exclusively for your application, and I think this template is suitable for it. Try to be creative and enjoy your experience.
Demo | Download

5. Victoria – VCard

This template is really simple, well suited for the pages containing about anything about yourself, so that people who want to work with you, can see clearly who you are. And they will not be wrong in cooperating with you

Demo | Download

That 5 twitter Bootstrap template that I think good of design and appearance. You can be creative with it, modify it and pass it on to the readers of your blog or any other purpose. Thanks for visiting.


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