5 Fresh HTML5 Games for 2014

5 Fresh HTML5 Game for 2014

The difference between HTML4 and HTML5 is HTML5 can to make the game. While HTML4 can not. Easy right?

Now, you can make a simple but entertaining game with HTML5, there may be a bit of javascript code. There have been many web that provide resource how to make games with HTML5.

Indeed, HTML 5 is not designed for game development, but the creative programmers can utilize the advantages of HTML5 to make the game.

Some elements of HTML5 that can be developed for other things is a canvas, audio and video. The third tag allows us to make something different.

I like most of HTML 5 is able to develop mobile applications.

Ok, leave the first mobile application, it is time for inspiration, what games can be created with HTML5

This is the 5 best games of 2014 are made of HTML5

Flappy Fish

Flappy Fish

This is flappy fish, because flappy bird make poeples stress..
Play game here

Add Three – Puzzle HTML 5 Game

Add Three - Puzzle HTML 5 Game

Missile Game – HTML 5

Missile Game - HTML 5

Simple but amazing HTML5 game, must be ported on mobile device, because i feel enjoy play it on mobile or tablet.
Play here / Source

Cosmic HTML5 Game

Cosmic HTML5 Game

Its a multi player game in web browser platform.

Sudoku HTMl5 Game

Sudoku HTMl5 Game

Play Game

The game is very simple. That is, HTML5 has the potential to be a game programming language. There is still much that can be achieved with HTML5, maybe in time, HTML6 will replace the entire programming language, all web-based and will be a single platform HTML6

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