5 Things to Remember When Launching WordPress Website


WordPress websites are easy to handle and can be maintained even if you are not from the technical background. There is a large number of themes and plugins available which make your task all the more easy. You just have to keep your focus on the good quality of content and updating the WP version along with the plugins. While launching the website, there are some useful things that might slip from your mind and you regret those mistakes later. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of 5 common things that one must not miss while launching a WordPress website –

1. Security is Must

Security is the primary concern because WordPress websites are prone to viruses and hacking. You must take certain steps to maintain the security of your WP account, as well as the website.

Firstly, you need to keep all the plugins updated along with the latest WP version installed. These latest versions are free of bugs and protect your website from malware. Secondly, you have to stop the hackers from logging into your account. For this, keep a difficult username & password, and use a security plugin that locks out the one trying to log into your WP account after few failed attempts.

2. Focus on SEO

Search Engine Optimization helps in improving your website ranking, which results in more traffic. More people are able to see the website on the starting pages of the search and open it.

By using the SEO plugins for WP, you can optimize individual posts and pages to get beneficial outcomes. The SEO plugins help you with content indexing and you can also select the content that you do not want to get indexed. Along with this, you should keep a track of all the data with the help of Google Analytics. Sign into Google Webmaster Tools and keep yourself updated with the traffic trends on your website to know the parts you can work upon and perform better.

3. Use Child Theme

A child theme is an extension of the parent theme (the one you are using) and is available in the “wp-content/themes” directory. In the case of theme updates run by developers, having a child theme ensures that you won’t lose any customizations running on your parent theme. However, if you are not from a technical background, you might not be able to do it on your own. In such case, you can take the help of a certified professional in order to save your theme from unwanted loss of data.

4. Check Settings

Sometimes, the website owners take care of all the major things that are needed to be done, but forget to check on some minor aspects that can make your website look unprofessional. To avoid this situation, follow the steps mentioned below –
Visit “Settings” on the dashboard of your WP account.

Check that the Site Title and Tagline are changed from default content. The default tagline ‘Just Another WordPress Site’ can be seen on the title bar of the browser, which looks bad. Also, the Timezone and Date/Time should also be set right. The right date and time should be seen on your posts or blogs when users visit the pages. If not changed, these things will have a bad impression on the visitors.

You have to make sure that your site does not have the default permalink structure. It is beneficial to use an SEO-friendly permalink structure.

Have a look at the settings on this page and make changes according to your requirements to get desired results.

5. Keep a Backup Plan Ready
There is a need to have an emergency and backup plan ready for your WP website. There can be a server crash or the site could be hacked or infected with viruses. In these cases, you need to start again from the beginning if you do not have a plan ready.

Create a regular backup plan using WP plugins. The data is sent to you via mail or is automatically stored on your cloud storage. In addition to this, you are also required to save the important files to your computer system. The “wp-content” folder is also needed to be saved, as it contains all your important data including themes and plugins.

WordPress has gained the spot of the most popular content management system. A lot of people from the non-technical background are also handling their websites on this platform. Security is always important and so is the basic knowledge of the system you are working on. We have listed some common things that are often ignored by WP users when they launch their websites. Let us know if we missed out on any important point and keep following us for more articles on WordPress.
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