5 WordPress Plugins to Automate Sharing on Social Media


What is branding? It is the promotion of a product or service. Where does it start from? It starts from creating a brand identity and then proceeds all the way up to ATL and BTL marketing, etc. Amongst those many steps, there’s an important step that some businesses often ignore to do, and that is social media. Social Media allows you to create a network that helps in growing your business.

To get more leads to your website, you need to have a proper blog which is updated regularly. To make that blog successful, it is essential to promote your content as much as possible. The best way to do that is via social sharing. It’s effective, easy and convenient. People of almost all ages have increasingly started to use social media as a platform to interact.

However, manually sharing every post of your WordPress blog on social media is a laborious job. WordPress has many benefits and for social media, you have plugins that make the social-sharing job a lot easier.

Below is a list of plugins I have found to be useful for automating the social sharing of your blog posts.



Jetpack offers a variety of features to enhance your WordPress experience. In terms of sharing posts in social media, it has the “Publicize” feature. It shares your post to several social media networks automatically as soon as you publish a post. Each time you write a new post, there will be a “Publicize” section in your Publish box.

You need to enable the accounts you want it to automatically post to. You’ll have to sign into your accounts and connect them.  You can schedule your posts as well. The downside is that it only publishes newly written posts.



OnlyWire allows you to post your content to social media with great ease. It automatically scours your RSS feed for new content to automatically post. The premium version allows you to post in fifty social media profiles at once while the free version allows you to post in four.

It’s a handy feature to have if you’re working for a large company and need to manage high profile blogs.

OnlyWire converts your entries to social media posts through all your attached social media accounts. It makes it easier to automate and share.


Revive Old Post

There is a lot of old content which you’ve never gotten around to sharing on your social media profiles. Maybe you did not have access to plugins or you found it a tedious job. Searching through old posts can be time-consuming as well.

Whatever the case may be, Revive Old Post helps you revive your old content and keep your posts alive. Depending on your package or upgrade, it allows you to schedule posts in advance and automatically generate hashtags. It also allows unlimited access to any site you wish.


WordPress to Buffer

The app Buffer lets you schedule your posts and share them on multiple social media networks. So if you have a buffer account, you can use it for WordPress. WordPress to Buffer is especially for users who already have a Buffer account.

It automatically moves a newly published post to a Buffer account. The premium version also lets you post to Pinterest.



CoSchedule lets you plan your digital marketing strategy in a calendar-type interface. You can schedule what posts you publish and when. You can even decide when you want them to be shared in social media. It allows you to reschedule a post as well by simply dragging and dropping them to the appointed date.

The free version allows basic functionalities but limits you to the usage of only five different accounts. The paid version permits you add extra social media networks and even team members on a project.

It’s shocking how the use of social media continues to grow day by day. B2B marketers have found social media to be a very cost-effective way to share content. The number of options and variety you have in social media is staggering. It’s a difficult job to hold your audience without being continuously active. Hopefully, the above mentioned plugins will help you to quickly share your content without having to worry.


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Sarah is a creative graphic designer and a passionate blogger. She loves to blog, design and read. Currently, she is working for Logo Pearl, offering logo design services and website design services. Follow her on twitter @sarahboyle1990.

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  1. Thanks for providing the valuable information regarding the WordPress Plugins to Automate Sharing on Social Media. I have used the Jetpack for the sharing and will come to use the one listed in the blog.

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