6 Of the Best Tools That Make JavaScript Development a Breeze

As you may know, delivering optimal user experience has become a crucial issue, and so it has become more important than ever that your website maximizes UX. This can be achieved, by making your site adjust to different mobile platforms. Since JavaScript work across almost all the browsers and platforms, you can ensure that your HTML web page will render across different browsers. Besides this, there are many other factors that makes JavaScript one of the most dominant programming languages today.

In fact, many developers favor using JavaScript for creating web pages, since it is easy to learn and requires using simple programming syntax. Most importantly, there are plenty of remarkably useful JavaScript tools available over the web that can help you in performing many different web development distinctive tasks in a quick and effective manner.

In this post, we’ll help you know about some of the best JavaScript tools, such as:

jQuery UI

If you want to design highly interactive web apps or need to use jQuery widget library for your web development project, without having to write plenty of code, then the jQuery UI is worth a try. Essentially, this is an ideal tool for creating great user interfaces (UI’s) that work across many different platforms and browsers.


It goes without saying that Facebook is arguably the most popular site in the social media landscape. And one great feature of this social media network that is widely used by people around the world is the chat application. If you want to create a Facebook inspired chat application, then Converse.js tool is exactly what you need. This tool help in creating a chat application that can be connected to the XMPP/Jabber server. Furthermore, the chat application come loaded with a rich feature-set, including both single and multi-user chatrooms support and many more.


The increasing demand for immersive data-driven experiences has made “Data visualization” the latest fad on the web. Fortunately, there are many tools out there that helps in displaying data in the form of stunning visual representations. However, most of these tools compare with the JS library called D3.js – used for data visualization purposes. Based on D3.js, Epoch is a JavaScript tool that offers smooth and high-performance real-time charts. With the help of Epoch, you can add charts that provides real-time updates to your users, resulting in enhanced user experience.

JS Hint

Often when working on complex projects, use of typos and language gotchas often bother JavaScript developers. Well, codebase is bound to become huge at some point of time, and likely you might miss out the mistakes you’ve made while writing the code. However, those mistakes will waste a lot of your debugging time. But, using JS Hint tool, you can detect errors and several other potential issues when writing the code. The best aspect about this tool is that it is flexible and fine-tune with your coding guidelines and the environment you want to use for code execution.


Creating presentations isn’t a new concept, but

Reveal.js help make the task of creating presentations more impressive. A HTML5 framework, Reveal.js help create interactive powerpoint slide containing swipe gesture, transition styles (like fade, zoom, etc.) and so on. Want to create a website that presents information in the form of a story? Well, then Reveal.js will prove a viable tool for you, as it will help you present your message in style.


Have you been looking for a way to perform a monkey test on the browser and Node.js? If that’s the case, then Gremlins.js JavaScript library will serve as a viable tool for you. Whether you want to check your app for bizzare user interactions, detect and fix memory leaks and so on, the Gremlins.js let loose a pack of undisciplined gremlins, so as to evaluate how robust your web apps are. Gremlins will carry out any random user action such as click anywhere in the opened window, and other actions to see if your app breaks or not. If your app fails to break, it clearly suggests that your app is robust.


If you want to speed up your development tasks, then utilizing the above discussed JavaScript tools will definitely help you accomplish your objective in the best manner possible.

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