8 Great Fonts that You Must Use in Your Portfolio Design

With a plethora of font types available, selecting the best one is tricky and perplexing. So, here we ease the task for you and bring you some of the best fonts that can be a prompt and rewarding start to your upcoming portfolio design.

1. Open Sans

open sans

Curated by Steven Matteson, the Director of Ascender Corporation, Open Sans is a ‘sans serif typeface’ font. It looks great on the body as well as the title of the content. It can be combined easily to numerous other serif and sans serif fonts, which is one of the reasons for its high popularity on Google Fonts.

2.Proxima Nova

Proxima nova

Proxima Nova is an amazing hybrid font that combines humanistic proportions and delivers a geometric look. It was introduced in the year 2005, and since then has maintained its position as one of the spectacular web fonts. It bestrides the difference between Akzidenz Grotesk and Futura. You can have a glance at its impressive appearance at few portfolios sites, like Melanie David, Jan Losert, and Lucid Style.

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3. Playfair Display


This is a nice-looking font belonging to the classic serif group. With a regular cover and black and bold look, it is ideal for creating impactful portfolio designs. It is one of the best picks for headers and titles and can be paired with other elite sans serif fonts for that perfect look.

4. Roboto


With a mechanical yet geometric structure, this font is loaded with exclusivities. It is a perfect example of trendiness and soberness. This font is highly popular among designers as it is clearly readable and still owns an unmatched panache that other fonts might lack. With open and easy curves, you can make an attractive and readable portfolio with this font.

5. Montserrat


This free font on Google fonts is a modern design with unique aesthetics and look. You can go for the normal case to create big header and navigation content or can plan a design using the uppercase form of the font. It can be combined with other fonts to create a portfolio design with balanced proportions.

6.  Helvetica


This font was released in 1957, and since then is an unbeatable symbol of the International Typographic Style from the efficient Swiss Designers. This sans serif font is counted among the top fonts in the world. The neutral nature and high-end clarity make it the perfect font for those who want to keep it minimal yet stylish.

7. Titillium Web


This is a dynamic font from the free Google Font list. It is black and bold in color, but dynamic in style as you can use it anywhere in your text content. Even if you go for the regular and simple font style, still it will offer you an elegant and stylish appearance. You can pair this font with other popular serif or san serif fonts to give a versatile look to your portfolio design.

8. Futura PT

Futura PT

This is an excellent type of font that holds a modern appearance and clean boundaries. This font comes with delightful attributes, which makes it stand out of the others. You can use this font in the titles as well in the body text to give your portfolio design a distinctive zeal. Using this font can be an excellent contribution to your overall design as it can add a completely novel look to the portfolio layout.

Fonts create a great impact on the overall portfolio design. So, make sure your out-of-the-box portfolio design is introduced with the perfect font type so that it becomes a lasting example to others.

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