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AdminLTE Best Admin Template Build with Bootstrap 4

I am building a system that is equipped with an administration page, because of that yesterday I reviewed one of the admin templates that is quite popular, CoreUI.

Now, I want to show you one of the popular admin templates, AdminLTE. This admin template is built with the latest bootstrap version. In principle the admin can be used for free, but for more sophisticated variations, there is a premium version option.

For the project I’m working on, it seems like the free version is more than enough. What makes me interested in the admin is that there are many features. Even this admin template is also equipped with Google Map. Looks like I don’t need the Google Map feature.

Then, adminLTE can be used together with laravel 5.7. I just read the tutorial how to integrate the adminLTE with laravel 5.7. Believe it or not, you don’t need to touch a single line of code to create a perfect system (could there be a perfect system?). Please read the tutorial here

Well, I will try to review in depth

1. Main menu

adminlte main menu

Unlike front end design, the main menu is on the left. It looks like a sidebar, but by placing the main menu on the left, one can concentrate more easily. Although there are configuration options to put the menu on the right. If I personally prefer to look at the menu on the left. We can focus more on what is displayed by the system.

The main menu can be reduced so that there is enough space to display the content system.

2. Component

AdminLTE comes with many components that you can use to make the system look more beautiful. Call it chatbox, chart and graphic, table, member list, new product, order, sales and progress bar.


The components above are just a display, not working properly. In order to function, behind the code must be written. That is the job of the Developer not the designer.

chatbox, members and graph


Social profile
Social conversation

In short, the admin admin provides ready-made components to make the display more attractive.

3. Example Page

Apparently, adminLTE also provides usefull pages such as login pages, registration pages, profile pages and even lock screens like we work with desktop computers. This is really an interesting idea, for example the system has not been used for a long time, it is possible that the system user who is currently logged in is not in front of the computer. Then, the lockscreen page will appear. Active system users must enter a password to remove the lockscreen page.

lock screen
Lock screen

The idea is quite interesting.

There is also an invoice page. Actually there is also a special application that handles invoices, but the LTE admin provides examples of invoice pages that can be adjusted to your business. But to make a complex invoice system seems not an interesting idea.

user profile

login page
Login Page by adminLTE
Registration page

The admin page and sales invoice should be separated.

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