Advance Tutorials for Next Level Web Development

change font editor in wordpress

List of this tutorial is intended for high level programmers and designers. For those of you who want to learn, are expected to already know the basics of programming. This tutorial will lead you to the next level of development. After that, you can develop a world-class application, international scale and can be used globally.

I collect some tutorials about web development, web design, design, UI / UX and some other useful information.

Create Your Own HTML Element

create your own html element

This tutorial will explain to you, how you can make your own HTML element. Of course, this requires skill and knowledge of HTML5. This tutorial was written by Kezz Bracey. Read more

How to Check Dependencies in Sass Library

sass dependencies

This tutorial will explain to you, how to know dependencies in Sass Library. It is very easy, but requires knowledge of Sass. I think this tutorial is required by a CSS-based web designer. This tutorial was written by Hugo Giraudel. Read more

How to Use Download Attribute in HTML5

download attribute

Download Attribute in HTML5 will force the browser to download a link. You can download an HTML file or any file, as long as it uses the attributes downloaded. It also depends on the browser. The latest browser fully supports HTML5 would work well. This tutorial will explain to you, how to use downloaded attributes correctly. Tutorial written by Jacob Gube. Read more 

How to Design Timeline with CSS

css timeline design

This tutorial will teach you and me, how to create a timeline style with CSS. Tutorial written by Srinivas Tamada. Read more

Learn React with Live Example

react by example

This tutorial will show examples of applications built with the react framework and jquery. Actually this is quite simple example, but the topic of React is not for beginners. This tutorial was written by Martin Angelov, read more

How to Create Animation with CSS without Javascript

css3 animation

Animation without javascript? if possible? Yes, with CSS3 and keyframe elements, you can make animation 100% with CSS. Browser must support CSS3. This tutorial will explain to you, how to realize it all. This tutorial is written by Srinivas Tamana. Read more

 Detecting Device with Javascript

how to detection a device with javascript

This tutorial will attest, you can detect a device using javascript. Library use is Wurfl.JS. This tutorial was written by John Arne. Read more

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