Why Article SEO is Damn-Suck?

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What is it?

I read an article on the internet, should a company hire an SEO writer? yes, now I just know there is another profession of a writer, which is an SEO writer. What is exactly SEO writer? in my view, SEO writer is a writer who can produce the paper but have the rules of SEO. SEO master and writer are different. In my opinion, if an author is required to add the SEO rules in writing, that would be damaging article. Article was not natural anymore, because it contains the rules of SEO are forced through in the writing. WTF!

History of SEO Writer

The beginning is that google can not find how important the article. In fact, I never found a long article, in accordance with the content I was looking for, but I found that page in the google search results page 5. While the concept of SEO friendly article, standing on the front page of google search results. And I think the articles are only pursuing SEO factors.

What it’s like SEO Articles?

SEO articles with a high content of placing the primary keyword is in some parts of the article, usually on the front (first paragraph), the sub-title of the article if any, on the elements H1, H2 and H3 and on last paragraph. It was forced to use keywords. Is it really such a good article and in the spirit of the author? I do not think that way. Good writing, especially writing flowing storytelling is what it is. Good writing is writing that is his soul, there is a strong power and passion. SEO articles are not made-up.

There are rules in SEO article: keyword must be repeated so that it meets some % keyword density. Some SEO plugin also rate the article of the things I mentioned above, the term is a content analysis. Then some service on Fiverr also opened the SEO article writing services, and they promise to achieve a percentage of the keywords density. It’s crazy to me.

Indeed, Google love articles that are SEO friendly. The reason is: easy for crawlers and determined which position in the google search results. It is not the only factor to determine the position in search results, but the article = content for Google and fresh content will improve the position in the search result.

So, according to me, SEO articles do not provide good content, maybe a few % of them provide great content through SEO article, but there are many more that do not give you anything other than made-up article in order to have a good position in google.

I myself actually bored with SEO article, because it is not natural. I am looking for information, not searching for keywords.

To Google :

Ok google, stop looking for articles that are SEO friendly, look for important information in the article though natural. And give us good information. There are a lot of web / blog post that rely solely on keywords.

So, as long as we are taught to create articles or writing articles that meet the rules of the search engines.

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