Best AngularJS+Bootstrap Theme for Webapp and Admin Page

AngularJS and Bootstrap if combined can make you feel different web design and richer, especially for web-based tool or administration page. I found lots of beautiful templates, created by angularJS and bootstrap. Not just about the look of it, but angularJS technology will ensure your website is secure, responsive and easy to develop.

The advantages are: UI and UX that appear more beautiful and more useful.

1. miniME – One Page AngularJS+Bootstrap

minime angularJs bootstrap

  1. Template HTML5 & CSS3
  2. Template ANGULARJS HTML5 & CSS3
  3. Fully responsive
  4. Working php contact form
  5. Bootstrap 3
  6. Easy to Use/Customize

Download Demo

2. AdminBox AngularJS+Bootstrap

admin box angular js

AdminBox is a AngularJs admin template included with SASS and Gruntjs tasks for development test and production (minifcation tasks). It includes awesome features all built with custom angular directivs and controllers, easy to change with a clean and simple layout.

Download Demo

3. HeyMetro AngularJS + Bootstrap Theme

heymetro angularjs

Responsive Web App Theme with AngularJS and Bootstrap.


4. Miveus AngularJS + Bootstrap Theme


Miveus is an Angularjs base webapp build with a solid workflow and webpack ready. Containt many useable HTML elements that can easily integrated with your web application.


5.Xenon AngularJS+Bootstrap Theme for Webapp

xenon angularjs

Xenon is now included in famous MVC (Model View Controller) JavaScript framework called AngularJS, for all of them who want to boostrap their projects with the ready to use services, controllers, routes and other components. It loads faster and every request is processed with AJAX.


6. Cube Admin Boostrap + AngularJS

cuba admin bootstrap

Cube is a lightweight responsive admin theme, offering you wide variety of customizable pages and plenty of UI components. We have put extensive effort to make easy to use interface, fully responsive and retina ready, which means it is fullycompatible with modern mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows platforms. Cube can be used for any type of web applications: admin dashboards, eCommerce backends, CMS, CRM, SAAS and websites for business, corporate, portfolio, blog.

Download / Demo

7. Angle Bootstrap + AngularJS


Admin template web application theme based on Bootstrap and AngularJS. All components included in this items has been developed to bring all the potential of HTML5 and Bootstrap plus a set of new features (JS and CSS) ideal for your next theme or web app project.

Download / Demo

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