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Blogging has emerged as a leading source for disseminating authentic information across the world today. Audience gets more influenced with the facts and figure shown in blogs rather than on the advertisements published. Whenever we hear so good about a company’s blog, the first question that comes in our mind is to find out the reason for its rising popularity. Whether it is its content, style, orientation, colors, text or something else.

Just like a homepage is considered as the window to any business, in the same way front view of a blog is seen as the first impression of your business blog.

If your website is not capable of bringing desired traffic to your business initially, then how would you convince them to read your content? The answer to this question has a lot to do with your blog design. Though you are done creating quality content for your site that is capable of attracting readers, but you still have to face the challenge of knowing the association between the content and design. Generally blogs are stacked with texts, images, and links which should be meticulously placed to prevent the situations when readers might just abandon your site due to irrelevance and poor content presentation.

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Although the content is prioritized but to provide a matchless user-experience, it requires a proper design and layout system. Not all designer blogs are perfect, sometimes it just takes a simple design to bring upon an award-winning blog. And it all depends on the visibility of your blog that makes it stand out amongst others.

Here in this post, we have compiled a list of 10 best blog design examples from all over the internet. These examples are put with an aim to give an inspiration for your own blog designs.


csschoperBeing a sound web designer, you must bookmark CSSChopper in you list. It gives a regular dose of inspiration and releases new useful articles that would help you discover new ideas to become more productive. Along with this, you also get to know about how they have utilized the best of blog designing conventions to create an eye-catching blog page. Its blog homepage contains a lot intuitive, impressive, and inspiring content placed beautifully across the website.


No-Refresh exhibits an ecstatically designed blog page with soothing colors. With the simple text and graphics-only structure, the page layout looks professional and subjective. Organized options in the header, listed categories of other blogs on right and call-to-action feature make it worthy of all attention and popularity.


The artistically designed header and footer of this site comprise an illustrative introduction in quick lines with a defined search box. Including search options like this definitely attracts readers to our site as they get an easy way to explore the desired content. The X-factor of that led to its huge popularity is the filter option provided just below the search option where readers can mark the preference and navigate through the blog posts.


You might have heard about the fact, simplicity lives longer. Getting inspiration from the same, the blog homepage if this site gives you a complete view how to get used to minimalist designing. The efficient use of negative and white spaces is done by featuring icons and images related to the blog posts. Every visible content on the page is clean, organized, and readable.

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The simplified usage of basic designing principles can be clearly seen in the layout. Color combination, text style, and layout are something to a reader gets attracted the very first time s/he sees it. Call-to-action chat options provided in different sections of the blog make it more alluring and inspiring.



This is surely one of its kind blog page that boasts a dynamic yet stylish header and page content layout. The catchy one-liners displayed on the front scroll are captivating and simple. The exquisite color combination used in the background accentuates the text and graphics added to the site. Easy to navigate option for all mobile users as well the web users.



Well! I must say that this is the one blog design page that mesmerized me. The colorful and creative design of the logo is something to set goals for. Especially, the content placed right in the header portion of the blog’s homepage makes it more appealing and artistic. Each of the section is associated with a call-to-action feature making it more accessible and user-friendly.


Here you would get another inspiring example of minimalist blog designing and that too in some unique manner. With categories on the right and suggested posts in the footer, every space of the site has been used wisely. To facilitate readers, there is a defined search box placed above the categories.

Sprax IT Solutions

If you are looking forward to getting an idea about how to organize a large number of blogs, then you can actually look forward to this site and get inspired. The blogs have been divided into different categories listed on the header. Moreover, the trending option shown on the extreme left of the menu bar shows the most popular blogs that have been read by users lately. Last but important, the bright color combination chosen for site display adds charm to its visibility.


The design and structure of the site is quite influencing in itself. The vibrant colors used in the titles, subtitles, heading and other graphics make the content more readable and concise. Pictures and cliparts have been meticulously added to the content.

Final Words!

Browse these above-mentioned sites and have a look to find the inspiring Blog designs for your website. The popularity of these sites among the global audience explains the effectiveness of their used strategies and designing conventions.

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