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Best Feedback WP Plugin for Easiest Way to Collect Data from Visitor

Feedback from web visitor is important to developing blog or feature. We cannot know exactly what visitor feel about our blog, because we are not visitor, we are web owner. Therefore, it needs a feedback mechanism.

For feedback issue, I suggest to provide the easiest way for web visitors to send a message to the admin. For that we need a plugin. We must choose the best plugins and best suit our needs.

There are many plugin available in wordpress plugin directory, we can browse them via wordpress dashboard, read the description and if you like, just install, setting up and done

We has reviewed some of feedback plugin for wordpress.

Jotform Feedback WP Plugin

jot form feedback

You can place a feedback button in : bottom, top, right and left. I think, this is amazing and easy to use. Recomended one. 

Feedback Side Tab WP Plugin

feedback sidetab

This plugin offer give feedback featured with multimedia : audio, video and photo. of course, with text. Hmm.. not bad.

WordPress Feedback Form WP Plugin

feedback form

This plugin was specialized for collect data just like survy, you can place some radio button, form and more. Wordpress Feedback Form WP Plugin can use for asking : what is my blog design is good for you? and giving answear = yes and no. Dowload

WP Survey and Feedback Manager

wp feedback and survey manager

You can built complete survey task with this plugin. Recomended if you want to collect spesific data from visitor. Download

Usersnap WP Plugin

user snap

This plugin is very great, but you need premium account at Plugin has ability to take a part of your website as screen shot, just like that google use to get feedback from users. Take a picture, and send it to you, and you can response it. Easy to use huh?. Download


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