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Best Free Alternative to OptinMoster and Popup Ninja

Internet marketing and website development can not be separated from a newsletter or mailing. If your website want to thrive in the future, from now you must have to collect the list, subscriber or email of your visitors. Function is clear: if you have news about your website or new products, discounts or anything that makes visitors happy, you can quickly send the message to the subscriber.

For wordpress based website, you need a pop up to feeding emails from visitors. These emails can be stored on the service provider like MailChimp  (my favorite), getresponse and others. In short, you need a plugin for it.

Select Free or Paid?

If you are a professional and manage web professional, paid plugin would be the best choice. The reason is: the existence of a good support and updates. Paid products can be said to be the best, compared to free. Nevertheless, free products are also not too bad. You can compare several free options below.

This post will discuss the collection of pop ups or free plugin that can emulate paid products such as optinmoster, ninja popup and others.

Lets get started

1. Icegram

icegram wp pop up

Icegram is a pop-up wp free plugin that has complete features, as in optinmoster, you can also add to its through a paid add-on. Free plugin, but if you want to increase the ability, you can buy the add-ons. See this comparison article, and see the demo

2. wBounce


wbounce is another alternative for collecting emails. Pop-up design is quite simple, it may not be as powerful as icegram. You can download wbounce through wordpress dashboard.

  • Display inline popup before the user leaves the site
  • Alternatively display popup on enter or after a certain time period (self-acting fire)
  • Set custom content via backend
  • Shortcodes are supported
  • Determine sensitivity, cookie expiration, hesitation, and more
  • Add custom CSS
  • Set default status: Define if wBounce should be fired on posts and/or pages by default. You can override the default setting on every post and page individually.
  • Event tracking with Google Analytics

3. Sumome

Sumome is a free tool that allows you to collect email.Tool is also available in the form wp plugin. If you do not want to install the plugin, just list your website here and get the code to be installed on your website.


4. leadin

Leadin is a free wordpress plugin which can be obtained through the wordpress dashboard. Performance is pretty good plugin for free levels. This plugin also provides support for free and easy to configure.

leadin plugin


  1. I feel Icegram is the best,i have tried out many different plugins and Icegram stands above all,its
    the best plugin there is,Its an All-in-one: Popups, header / footer
    bars, notifications, messengers which is absolutely free

    check it out yourself

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