Best Laravel Tutorial for Beginners

laravel tutorial

Laravel is PHP framwork which began to rise in popularity. Laravel began to be used by many programmers around the world today. Generally, they want to try new things, and it turns out that this framework has the potential of nice to be developed. So, laravel is a pleasant framework, the goal is to make the web development process more fun and entertaining, there is no longer a headache because the code is difficult. Yes, the development of the laravel it easier.

Want to try using Laravel? ok, you’re in the right place. This post will guide you learn so many laravel tutorials from beginner, intermediate and expert. As with my previous post about the tutorial photoshop and illustrator

Here, 10 laravel tutorial  to become a master of laravel framework.

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1. How to Install and Setting up Laravel to Web Development

Ok, first you need copy of laravel framework. Make sure, you get latest version or your favourite version. Download here. You need to setting up with minimal configuration. File configuration located on : app/config/app.php. Read more configuration / Setting up laraval in one minutes

2. Creating Hello World App

3. Building Simple Laravel App from Scratch

tutorial laravel

This tutorial will create a simple application, that you post, like, and comment on photos, as well as follow other users. read more

4. Creating CRUD with Laravel Tutorial

laravel tutorial CRUD

Basically, a web application that connected to a database consisting of this actions: create, read, update and delete aka CRUD. Well, this tutorial will discuss how to create a simple CRUD models in laravel 4. Thanks to Sevilleja Chris who has made it easy to understand tutorial. Read more

5. Creating a Simple Blog System with Laravel

This Laravel tutorial will guide you to create a blog system that you can use in real life (eg you want to create a blog, and do not want to use wordpress). This tutorial was created by Max Surguy, and in the tutorial, you can get the source code of the blog system, of course its free. Read more / Demo blog

6. Undestanding Laravel Layout using Blade

laravel tutorial layout

Laravel using a template engine called Blade. Well, this tutorial will provide to you, how laravel layout work. I think this tutorial is so important to you. Read more

7. Laravel Simple Login and Authentication

laravel login and authentication tutorial

This tutorial will walk us through:

  1. Creating a users table using migrations
  2. Filling our new users table with sample users using seeding
  3. Using the great artisan command line tool to migrate and seed
  4. Creating a login form and processing a login using routes, controllers, and views
  5. Handling login errors
  6. Use Eloquent ORM to validate a user

Read more

8. Creating Customer Management App with Laravel  and AngularJS

laravel tutorial

In this tutorial you will create a simple customer/transaction management system with the ability to add and remove both transactions and customers. We also has wrote useful angularJS tutorial for you. Read more

9. Creating Full-text Search in Laravel and MySQL

laravel tutorial full text search

In this tutorial I will go over implementing Full-Text search in Laravel 4. Read more

10. Creating in-place Pagination System with Laravel and BackboneJS

This tutorial will discuss how to create pagination in one page, so you do not need to refesh web page when switching from page 1 to page 2 and so on. This tutorial uses backboneJS. I like the concept.

in-place pagination laravel tutorial

Read more

That’s some laravel tutorial which we summarize for you. We want to facilitate you studying laravel framework. If this compilation help you, we want you to also help others by sharing this article via social media. Thank you

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