Best Riot.js Tutorial for Developer : Building App with Minimal MVP Framework

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What is it?

Riot.js is a new UI framework that has the ability like React but with a very small size, only 3.5kb. Riot.js runs on the client side, so to run riot.js, the client (browser) must download it first, then run a few new features in it. With small size, we can be sure your applications run faster and responsive. UX will increase.

This advantages Riot.js and this framework a favorite and potential to replace react.js. For comparison, react.js size 127KB, while riot.js only 3.5kb. Very small and lightweight.

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Because riot.js became a trending, then there is no harm in us as developers learn this new framework. This post will feed some riot.js tutorials, you can immediately start using riot.js and develop applications with it.

Getting Started with Riot.js

riot.js tutorial

This tutorial begins with the installation of riot.js then write hello world, simple but easy to understand.

Create Comment Section for Riot.js

riot.js tutorial

This is a great tutorial. He can make the comment section with React.js, with the same features, trying to make the comment section to riot. It signifies riot.js can compete with react.js

[code tipe=”336″]

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Riot.js Todo

riot js todo

This is a sample application riot.js, you can learn from it. Read more

Use Riot Table

riot.js table tutorial

I tried a little bit RIOT.JS UI Library. <rtable> tag is the result of my tests  the <rtable> tag displays data (coming from javascript array) into a HTML table.
<rtable> let you sort the columns and filter data.
some options are also available to customize the table rendering.

Demo | Code

Riot Example

riotjs example

This is complete and simple riot js tutorial, you can found auto complete, multi select, paginator and many more.

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Building Apps with Riot.js

building app with riotjs

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