Best Tips For Hiring Efficient PHP Developers


PHP is one of the most extensively used programming languages in the world. More than 75% web development projects are performed by using PHP. Consecutively it is of no surprise that there is always a high demand for reliable PHP developers. If you are looking to hire PHP developers India, then you should follow certain specific steps to ensure that you are investing in a team of developers that will create a flawless website. Here are some tips on choosing the best PHP developers for your business.

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Consider the firm’s past experience:

One of the most important things that you need to think about when you need to hire dedicated PHP developers in India is the experience of the service provider. There are numerous coding schools in the online world and it is fairly easy for a person to grab some quick notes from them and state themselves as PHP experts. To hire professional PHP developers who are really good at their jobs, you must first of all have a closer look at their career resume. For how many years they have been operating in the PHP web development industry? Who are the clients that they have worked with? What kind of projects they have handled so far? Were they the sole team of developers working on the project or they had another group of programmers working with them?

Evaluate the capabilities of your developers:

It is important to check the abilities of your developers before you actually hire them for your individual project. You can do this by asking a few strategic questions or giving them a test to solve while interviewing them. You can create a questionnaire by yourself with all the things that you want to ask them. Alternately, you can obtain a model questionnaire from online resources that promise to guide you in your quest on finding a reliable PHP developer. The set of questions can help you to obtain insight on how much experience a particular developer has or understands how to resolve different kinds of critical development problems. It is particularly necessary to evaluate the capabilities of a PHP development outsourcing company to understand whether or not you are paying your money’s worth.

Excellent references:

In today’s world when every PHP development company claims in the online world that their services are the best in the industry, it is really necessary to have good word of mouth for a company to understand whether it is really good or not. If a company has good recommendations, then it definitely proves that the services of that PHP development firm are reliable. There are a number of PHP online forums and discussion panels that can offer valuable guidance on various PHP development firms. You can also ask some of the PHP industry experts to guide you to a top notch developer. An experienced developer must not only know how to work with the standard PHP coding but also have sufficient knowledge about using the various PHP frameworks like CodeIgniter, CakePHP and Zend.

Online presence:

A reputed PHP development company always has a strong online presence. They should have a well designed and developed business website for attracting clients and have numerous social media accounts to interact with their user base. They should particularly have a well made FaceBook and LinkedIn account. Simply by checking through these social media accounts, you can say a lot about the quality of services you can receive from these PHP development firms.

Always review your developer’s code:

Good developers always make sure to document their code. They will also try and provide their customers with the best quality coding at the shortest turnaround time. The highlights of a well made website include error free coding, a code that is documented and optimized and minimal bugs. While you are interviewing a particular PHP development candidate, make sure that you ask the developer some of the codes that he or she developed. You can also hire some third party developer for going through the code and seeing that everything is all right with it. This process is known as code review, and although it might take a few hours of your development time, you need to understand that it is totally worth it.

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