BootstrapStudio vs Pinegrow : What is The Best for Web Designers ?

One Bootstrap editor was present tonight, the name is bootstrapstudio. If before, the web developer using pinegrow, rivals are now getting quite heavy, bootstrapstudio which have almost the same capabilities. For the price, bootstrapstudio priced at almost the same price, which is 50 dollars. If you buy today (when this article was written, then you will get a discount of 50%)

What are Bootstrapstudio features?

Drag and drop: With this feature, you just simply move and put the bootstrap element. Easy, even you do not need to write HTML code

Interface cool: When compared with pinegrow, bootstrapstudio has a nicer interface, simple and elegant.

Preview: When you are finished designing the web, then you will soon see a preview, in real time. Pinegrow also have this feature.

Advanced CSS editor: Pinegrow not have this feature, this is the excess bootstrapstudio compared with pinegrow.

Weekly Update: I really liked the updates on a regular basis. If it really, then pinegrow will lose, because pinegrow rarely get updated. In 1 year, possibly only 1 time  got update. I am still waiting for an update bootstrap 4.

Want to try bootstrapstudio before buy ? check this page with chrome browser

[code tipe=”300″]

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