Bulk Editor : Best Time Saver WordPress Plugins

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What is it?

When you have thousands of wordpress post or article and would like to edit it all, you may take days, even if it is done by many people. I once had a similar problem, where I want to add custom fields in each post, while the number of posts over 100. Custom field that want to add is not just one, but eight custom fields. Very time consuming for me.

Then, I tried to use the plugin to speed up the process, I use a custom field editor bulk. Very easy to use and 100% worked and tested.

So, I think, there are many other similar plugins that can save time when working with bulk system. Then I looked it up, and it turns out there.

Woocommerce Bulk

1. Woocommerce Bulk Discount

woocommerce bulk discount

WooCommerce Bulk Discount makes it possible to apply fine-grained bulk discounts to items in the shopping cart, depending on the ordered quantity and on the specific product.

WooCommerce Bulk Discount is compatible with WooCommerce 2.0.x to 2.3.x.


2. Woocommerce Bulk Attribute Editor

Woocommerce Bulk Attribute Manager

Manage bulk woocommerce product variations and attribute options. You will be able to choose from a list of product categories, and then choose which attributes to assign to the products.


3. MQ Woocommerce Products Price Bulk Edit

MQ Woocommerce Products Price Bulk Edit

This plugin will edit woocommerce prices in seconds.


Post and Page

4. Bulk Watermark for Image

bulk waterman for image

This plugin allows you to watermark your previously uploaded images using a PNG image file with transparency as well as text signature.


5. Custom fields bulk editor

custom field bulk editor

This plugin lets you edit the custom fields for many posts at once. Designed to work with pages, posts, and all custom post types.


6. Bulk Category

bulk category editor

Bulk Category makes it easy to bulk import, export and delete categories. Import from a csv/text file with category Name, Description, and Slug. Delete categories listed in a file. Assign a post to the categories, reset the relationships of a post. Export all categories to a file. Delete all categories.

  1. Import categories from csv/txt file
  2. Delete categories listed in a csv/txt file
  3. Delete all categories
  4. Add relationship from a post to all imported categories
  5. Reset all relationships of a post
  6. Export all categories


7. Bulk Post Format Converter

Bulk convert posts in a category to a selected post format.Bulk convert posts in a category to a selected post format.



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