Free Snippet : Collection Best of Bootstrap Pricing Table for Your Web Design

Bootstrap has reached final version, which is version 3.3.4 and up to now being developed as the most popular CSS framework on earth. Bootstrap can be used to make all web elements, such as menu, paging, image, responsive video, drop down and others. But, if you want to create elements that are not in the…

[Solved] WordPress Shortcode Always Appear on the Top of Content

WordPress shortcode is a feature that makes it easy for developers themes and plugins. With shortcode, we can insert form, element, script, or whatever it is in wordpress editor. It would also allow a user to manage his website. But there are little problems that have a major impact, namely the content of shortcode always…


[Snippet] Top Shareable URL of Social Network to Create Share Button

Share button required by each site to allow users to share articles / content into social media. If you are using addthis, then there are additional javascript you must include in your web page. Of course, the website will be slow when accessed. It is not good for the web, because the web can be…

[Snippet] How to Search and Replace String in MySQL or PHPMyAdmin

Imagine, you have a 10K records in a table in your database. And on each line, there is a character that you want to remove or replaced with other characters. If do it manually, it may take days. Creating a system or script to solve the problem it was still takes a lot of times….