change font editor in wordpress

[Solved] Change The Default Font Size in WP Editor

If the font size in wordpress editor is small enough for you, perhaps it is time to enlarge the font size. For an author and blogger, convenience when writing is the important thing. And perhaps, inspirationwill come when convenient to write. Moreover, if and write using a mini laptop, 10 inch screen and low resolution. Of course this is not comfortable for the eyes.

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insert class wordpress

Adding Custom Class When Upload or Insert Image in WordPress

If you used a bootstrap to build a wordpress template, you might encounter this issue. How to automatically insert custom class when uploading an image, this also applieswhen inserting images, e.g. images from other web (via URL) In the bootstrap, so that the image looks responsive, it needs a class img–responsive.Read the explanation here. This time there was a snippet to make that a reality, without having to insert the class manually. The code as below

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