Tutorial Creating 100% Pure CSS Contents Slider

Slider is a good way to display some content in a confined area. There are various ways to create content slider. Content slider can be filled with images and text. Typically, the slider for the latest news, latest posts or featured posts. In this post, I want show you some tutorials and code to create content […]

Best Example PHP Code for Beginners

I was remember when learning PHP in first time. Everything is full of mystery and arouse curiosity. A beginner when studying web programming, whether it’s PHP or ASP will be very motivated to make something different. For me, learning takes a example. I could not understand a programming language only with theory, there should be […]

2014 Usefull Code Snippet for WordPress 3.8.2

WordPress is a very powerful CMS, used by personal, professional bloggers and large-scale international media. This proves that wordpress is a big part of the internet. WordPress is written in PHP and MySQL database and released as open source. Therefore, the development of wordpress is very fast. Up to date, wordpress has been used by […]

Code Snippet : Pagination Code with CakePHP and Bootstrap

Bootstrap CSS framework is the most widely used by the front end developer, the reason is simple: because the bootstrap supply various kinds of elements that you can use directly. The process of making a website more quickly. Including pagination element. I as a user cakephp encountered many problems when combining the output pagination of […]

Resources to Building Pinterest Layout with Bootstrap

Pinterest brings a fresh new layout. The developers want to imitate it in various ways, such as by using the bootstrap and javascript. Thus, many released wordpress themes or themes with a layout similar to HTML pinterest. Actually, this layout suitable for a website with lots of pictures, displays a random image with different sizes […]

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