Free Form UI Kit

Need inspiration for designing form? this UI kit maybe for you. Free UI kit in sketch created by Ishan Manandar. He is share this freebies. This UI kit including login form, subscribe form, change password, registration form.  

Customers’ Decision is a Great Factor in Marketing

When the market situation seems bleak and development prospect does not appear encouraging, flourishing companies emphasize mainly on strengthening the customer relationships since success in any industry depends chiefly on clients’ contentment. Ensuring consumer satisfaction is a must for moving the business to the front. For small or medium enterprises, also, managing their customers and […]

10 mistakes that can cause e-commerce website impairment

If you’re planning to make quick money via the internet, then simply owning an e-commerce website won’t be enough. You actually need to do a lot more for ascertaining the smooth operation of your online business. You must be wary of all the mistakes that are usually committed by e-commerce website owners. Today, through this […]

Treat yourself with these 10 amazing design resources

As a designer, you are always on the lookout for something different, something attractive, but even though when you encounter such elegant design, it is either copywritten or a paid resource. But every now-and–then you can witness a product that eases your development tasks and provides your creations an edge that stands out from the […]

Best Realistic Mockup for Any Industries

Mockup is needed by all industries, especially the design and other creative industries, always need a mockup. I have compiled some of the best mockup from various fields such as: t-shirts and mac book Paper & Card Closeup Mockups 25 Paper & Card Mockups that are designed mainly to emphasize your logo design. The idea […]

Killer Resources for Learning UI/UX Design

UX / UI does not have a definite value. Every developer and designer has its own characteristics to make UX / UI becomes more beautiful. The ultimate goal is to make the user enjoy the content. Users gain the experience enjoyable, comfortable and loved. That’s the main goal, and every designer has a personal way. […]

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