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Design inspiration is one of the most mind-boggling and strenuous mind exercises that require you to constantly rummage through your creative parts of the brain. This is what sets a designer and a developer apart, that a developer knows exactly what to do within defined limits whereas designers are the ones who have to unleash the creative element within them. Thinking like a designer is no easy task as they are constantly craving for inspirations in their surroundings and might end up finding in the most unexpected of places and times. Ideas may dawn upon you in the middle of the night or during the busiest hours of the day.

Identifying the type of inspiration needed
Your nature of work is a major determinant of deciding what kind of inspiration to seek for. If you intend to work on a business model, a colorful interactive game or a utility, the inspiration for each one will vary widely. A designer planning to design a layout for a creative game may derive inspiration from totally different contexts that are lively, whereas a business app developer will be interested in more serious elements to be inspired from. One effective way to derive inspiration is to break your quest for inspiration into parts and then search for a suitable inspiration for different parts. Design inspirations can be an amalgamation of various sources and can result in quite surprising results.

The art of finding inspiration
Seeking the right information and placing it in proper places and in the right way is a real art. All your six senses should be on high alert to be able to distill out the right information and put the pieces of the puzzle strategically. The creative type of people generate ideas on the go and one of the best ways to make use of your time while travelling is by observing your surroundings with attention to detail and ultimate presence of mind. Your creative thinking may be boosted by just taking notes of how people are doing things. You constantly need to feed your inspiration engine to let the ideas coming in. One of the most boring tasks of travelling to and from work can be used to get your creative juices flowing and lead to some bright idea generations for the upcoming project.

  • Keep your analytical gears moving along the way
    Constantly viewing and assessing the existing creative work in your surroundings can be a great way of getting insight into your own work. No matter whatever means of transport you use you just need to look and look again with greater focus and attention. On the face of it the design of the ad may seem simple and straightforward but it might involve a lot of thought processes in the backend. Having the ability to critically analyze the advertisements that come your way is a great way of reflecting back on the flaws and comparing it with your own work. The work doesn’t end here; you should further be able to suggest possible ways to improve upon it. Check out the color combinations, whether they complement each other or give an overall dull effect.
  • Street Art showcases one of the best forms of creativity Just like ideas can spring up at the most unexpected of times, similarly street art can be seen anywhere, anytime as great sources of inspiration. If you are too busy staring at your mobile screens or dozing off out of boredom you are most likely to miss out on some serious creative stuff. Only famous street artists are not the ones who may be capable of inspiring you but even random unofficial street arts can drive awe and inspiration. The more creative your ideas will be the more effectively will you be able to market to millenials.
  • Simplify your surrounding items into basic shapes No matter how complex or complicating an object may appear, upon observation you will realize that all of them can be viewed and interpreted in the basic shapes of triangles, squares and circles and obviously their 3D counterparts. Creativity is a vast field, just like a playground where you are free to choose your direction. Having profound and in-depth understanding of these shapes will help you figure them out in your daily life and also helps you makes sense of composition and form more easily than a normal person. Practically everything can be viewed in 2D and 3D shapes to fuel your creativity and makes things simpler for you to successfully imitate. An important takeaway here is take conscious note of your surroundings and try viewing it in the form of stimulating shapes and rare patterns.
  • Stimulate your creative sense with podcasts To begin with, podcasts are basically audio programs that are available to be downloaded on your mobile devices with quite a diverse variety of topics in varying lengths. Many artists both amateur and professional have contributed in this genre and are available for free. Basically these downloadable content is highly informative and technical. They are believed to increase your overall knowledge and level of awareness. News updates or political debates, cultural and ethical trends, architectural knowledge or designers dilemma’s; all are available in the form of podcasts.Podcasts are a surefire way to raise your level of knowledge and general level of awareness-all you need to do is get transported to another world by simply plugging in your headphones and listening to the information being disseminated to you. The more the number of podcasts you listen the more your pool of knowledge will expand and soon you will start feeling a change in the variety and quality of articles that you may be needing.

Anyone who has to look at a blank app and figure out what it needs to look like can always use some inspiration. Over time, designers have come up with techniques for maximizing their chances of coming up with good ideas and it begins with asking what, where, and how. Successful designers collect pieces of inspiration that will help them to come up with good ideas and then meditate on them. They use tools like online and physical mood boards to help them organize their visions. More importantly, however, successful designers also know when to look away.

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