10 Inspiring Sites with Damn Cool Transition Effects for Your Creativity Design

Everyone need something to be creative. Maybe someone need vacation in beach, go to concert or drink cold water and more. And i am need example to be creative. Yeah, maybe you need example too, same like me. I need to see many examples and think what the best part of these.

Yasterday, i was browse on the internet and found best of site transition effect. Its very cool effect when navigating web page. I love this effect, its feel modern and minimalis of design. Not all site perfect with these effects, maybe its match for portfolio site, company profile, design graphic and more.

And this is the lists of best site transition effect for your creativity design.

Sismo Design

sismo design


Serge Thoraval : Atelir

Best part of this site is, you can play something when site is loading. Maybe its solution when your internet connection is slow, user can play while site is loading. Cool idea. Just scroll down your mouse, and see the effects.

serge thoraval


Studio Songes

studio songe

They are have cool transition effect. Demo

New Vision for Mobile

This site is optimized for mobile.

new vision


Thomas Ciszewski Photography


Speak to Me

speak to me



ultra noir



CO3 design


Societe Generale

societe generale





Killer Resources for Learning UI/UX Design

resources for UI/UX

UX / UI does not have a definite value. Every developer and designer has its own characteristics to make UX / UI becomes more beautiful. The ultimate goal is to make the user enjoy the content. Users gain the experience enjoyable, comfortable and loved. That’s the main goal, and every designer has a personal way.

UI / UX as an artistic, creative person would love this, because the UI / UX will mengexploer how your artistic soul. Even so, the UI / UX has some rules that you can pay attention to, and these values ​​are uncertain. That is, UI / UX can learn and there is knowledge.

In this post, I want to put together a resource to learn UI / UX online. Below there is a blog post or web page that talks about the UI / UX and there is a special blog that discuss about UI / UX

Ok, let’s start. Read more

Redesign Concept Inspiration for Social Media Sites


The concept of the layout of a web application is the foundation, and you should make it a strong foundation. Design layout of web applications need to consider several factors such as the beauty of design, functional, eye catching with the perfect color selection. Apparently it is difficult to do. Someone must have experience in the field of UX and UI. Designers must understand in depthly what is UX (user experience ) or how to provide an interesting experience, easy and enjoyable to the user when using the product.

For learning, Iwas readed a lot of articles on the usabilla blog and do not forget to follow @usabilla on twitter

What I like in this field is how to make the user does not get bored with the web interface provided. For that there is the so-called redesign. Some of these layouts will refresh your eyes, look redesign of web services such as instagram, facebook, twitter and others.

It’s just the design, not the actual application, and all the buttons do not work.

And this is, best-inspiring Redesign Concept Inspiration for Social Media Sites

Read more

Premium Freebies for Web Design : Icons Set, UI Design, UI Kit, HTML Form and PS Brushes

using custom font with css

In the design you need a material to be modified or used directly. The Internet provides everything you need to complete your design, whether it be web design, brochures, mobile applications, or application UI mockup. This is the post that awaited everyone. We collect the freebies for web design  from around the web that exist on this planet, and this is the edition for this week. You can find free icons sets, UI layout, UI frameworks, UI PSD files, HTML forms, and much more. We classified to be more easily searchable. Read more

15 Photoshop and Ilustrator Tutorial for Beginners, Intermediate and Expert Users

photoshop and ilustrator tutorialCreativity has no limits. Perhaps the limit is the sky. Maybe that’s the words will motivate you when no ideas at all. Yes, someone must be creative in every time. Because creativity is the greatest energy in life. Life will be excited when there is creativity in us.

Including when we create a design, whether it’s a poster, brochure, web, graphic and others. Of course we have to be supported creativity with high skills of design. Every day we have to add the skill to be able to powered our creativity. The ability to be upgraded, such as computer components are upgraded to be able to run the increasingly complex computing.

Here are some tutorials, tips and tricks to power up your skills. We collect tutorials for beginner, intermediate and expert. You can specify which tutorials that you can follow. Trust me, by following a tutorial, your ability will increase. I also feel like it. Read more

2014 New Amazing Resource for Web Design, SEO and Web Development

2014 New Amazing Resource for Web Design, SEO and Web Development

Web developers and designers need new things in web development. Web technology continues to evolve. Every day, a lot of new things, like a new javascript library, CSS framework, code snippets, new design, new illustrations. Sometimes, stuff like this will make your project a step further. And this is what should be sought by web developers and web designers. Creating new things on the web.

We love the web, we gather for the new resource in the development of the web, like graphics, icons, library, framework, animation, motions graphics and new technologies.

This post is suitable for web developers who want to develop and follow the latest web technologies.

This is nothing new in the web that we collect in the last 1 week.

Amazing Guide to Learn HTML and CSS

Amazing Guide to Learn HTML and CSS

Is a simple guide and easy-to-use to learning HTML dan CSS. Instead of using books, the web is teaching you more effective. I guarantee. Go to Resource

No Link Building Anymore, But Still Getting Traffic from Google

No Link Building Anymore, But Still Getting Traffic from Google

Its a amazing tutorial and guide to still getting traffic from google without link building. Link building is draining, mind, and costs. Actually, no link building we can still get traffic from google search engine. Link building poses many risks, if you do not know the build links the right way, we can be sure your website will be destroyed. Go to Resource

Cloudy Spiral CSS Animation

Cloudy Spiral CSS Animation

Is an amazing CSS3 animation, perfect for loading style of web page. Go to resource



A context-shift transition. Full screen slide page. Go to resource

Avgrund – Magic UI Modal

Avgrund - Magic UI Modal

UI window modal with beautiful animation. The background will be blur when the window modal appears. New and creative concepts. Go to Resource

100% Pure CSS3 Breadcrumb Navigation 

100% Pure CSS3 Breadcrumb Navigation

Is a code snippet to create a breadcrumb navigation with CSS3 without javascript support. Simple, but effective. Go to resource

Multi Step Form with CSS dan Jquery

Multi Step Form with CSS dan Jquery

Is a combination of CSS and JQuery to create a multi step form. Sometimes we need a registration process that is multi-layered. Functions that lengthy application process becomes more simple. People get bored when filling out the form too much. Simple CSS and Jquery will be an advanced solution for you. Go to resource

Title Tag Guidelines and Preview Tool for 2014

Title Tag Guidelines and Preview Tool for 2014

Guide that suits you, the blogger. This tool will guide you to make a good article title, in accordance with instructions from google. Go to resource



Is a CSS framework to creating responsive design. Go to resource

If i missing something great, comment below.

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Facebook and Gmail New Design Concept in 2014

Facebook and Gmail New Design Concept in 2014

Facebook and Google and Yahoo are not the only one who has a good web design. I think a lot of designers outside the company who have high skills to create a web page design becomes more perfect.

admittedly web designing accessible and usable by all people in this world really difficult. Not everyone is familiar with computers and the web. If you are familiar with the web, of course it’s easy for you to operate the web, for example facebook and twitter

However, the concept of web designs like this deserve to be appreciated, even if it needs to be applied. The design concept was created by freelance designer, who has a passion for design. The spirit of giving the best design, making them work is very beautiful, fresh and inspiring. Check this out Read more

10+ Collection of Creative Price Tag 2014 for Branding Your Products

If you want to open a store or a restaurant or a distro shirts or other creative shop, need to pay attention to the little things: the price tag. Price tag is the price of paper write down the product. Very small, but it will make your brand rise. Suppose that people will buy clothes in your shop, then the price tag will be brought up to the home buyer. And if the price tag is pretty, then the buyer could save it and show it to other people.

In conclusion, the price tag can build your brand. Just so you know how to play using the price tag. I was browsing on the internet to find hundreds of creative price tag that you can use as a reference. Or it could be, if there are people around you who do not like it, use a price tag that I share this. Read more

10 Best Logo Design Inspiration Febuary 2014

Logo is the most important thing for a brand or product. The logo will make your product easy to remember, for that you need a good logo design, nice views, nice looking and comfortable easily remembered by consumers. Let’s say a bike shop logo, there should be a bike picture and a few words that describe the bike shop.

Creating a logo is a difficult thing, and usually you need an experienced logo designer. On the internet, a lot of logo designers who can use his services, just pay a few dollars, for example on fiverr.com you only pay 5 dollars for every logo.

If you want to see some of the logo, as a logo design inspiration how you will, we have summarized some beautiful and fresh logo design. Read more

4 Tips to Help You Perfectly Redesign your Website


The glamour, the glitz, the magnificent design components that make your site resembles a million bucks. While thinking about a site redesign, it’s anything but difficult to concentrate just on those elements that are speaking to the eye.

Lamentably, redesigning a site isn’t just an activity in feel. Without a doubt, the absolutely visual components of your recently designed site will probably get the most consideration, yet recollect: an incredible site redesign likewise requires that you consider (and enhance) what’s in the exact hood.


A garish exterior doesn’t help much if the real machine neglects to work. On the off chance that individuals can’t discover your site by means of search, or on the off chance that they can’t instinctively explore through your site’s pages and effectively comprehend what data those pages contain, it doesn’t generally make a difference how delightful it looks.

With regards to your site redesign, shape and function should be a package deal. So while you ought to completely join that new colouring plan and include that huge delightful legend picture to your landing page, remember about what’s occurring in the background?

Site owners ceaselessly redesign their site to make it a la mode and as a way to present new content for their normal guests to have something new to anticipate every time. Be that as it may, in the event that you are hoping to utilize this as a tool for creating home business drives, then you have to think much more remote than essentially make your site look new and new.

What is the utilization of an attractive website in the event that it doesn’t meet its motivation? Would you be fulfilled by getting a considerable measure of traffic to your site yet none of them would pick into your list? You should subsequently concentrate on three essential angles while redesigning your site to support your home business leads list.

Make Your Website Easy to Find

While redesigning your site, make it your sole focus to be effectively found by your prospects. Appropriate web design is thusly vital to get a more focused on traffic to your website or use social media stages to direct individuals to your site. At the heart of your search engine optimization is content. It is the thing that drives guests, makes them stay, and forces them to pick into your list. You should hence give new content all the time utilizing distinctive types of media to accomplish your coveted result.

Also read  : White Space in Web Design

Convert over Your Leads

When you have acquainted home business leads with your site, consider how you can utilize your site to transform them into clients. Make a convincing landing page that will impact the choice of your objective business sector. You can do this by making them a free offer, for example, digital book or free trial for your item. Compensating them will effectively convince them to select in, however ensure you are putting forth something of genuine worth.

Assess Results and Make Necessary Changes

At the last stage in your site redesign effort, you should have the capacity to generate a return of investment by measuring quantifiable results. You have to concoct a record of current site performance, then contrast it and the outcomes once you had experienced those site redesign effort. How well did your home business leads list perform? Just when you have made that correlation if you continue to make the following action.

Addition Website Redesign Tips

To further frolic up your home business leads with the utilization of a site redesign approach, you have to observe the accompanying tips:

  • Maintain your present site resources, for example, keyword rankings, content, and changes. You have to hold those parts of your site that has been delivering great results.
  • Focus on content over site design. Despite the fact that the last has its own legitimacy, you can just inspire your prospects such a great amount until they start to scan for good, quality content.
  • Experiment with utilizing distinctive ways to deal with see what works best – both on the configuration and content viewpoint. You can single out 3 or 5 business measurements then analyze them ceaselessly to decide how well the outcomes are going.

You have to continually remember that your site serves as the principle focus point for generating home business leads. Be that as it may, you have to consider it close by with your primal objective of building up a reliable client base. Subsequently, you have to achieve a compromise between these two.

Author Bio: The author is a successful entrepreneur in the realm of web design & development and other IT services; he is also an avid writer who often shares his piece of knowledge into web design and digital marketing with fellow readers.


Must Avoid These Mistakes To Front-End Developers In 2017

web design trend in 2017

Front-end developers deal with how to present the Web application or website so that users can easily access and interact wit it. In short, the outlook of websites and applications all comes under Front-end development. From fonts to text to images and buttons to sidebars, everything you see on a website/app is related to front-end development.

web design trend in 2017

The objective of front-end is to ensure that whenever users open the site/app they see the relevant information in the right format so that it’s easy for them to read and understand. JavaScript and client-side scripting are an intrinsic part of web development. But the challenges are that the techniques use for creating front-end of a website/app change constantly so the developers have to be aware of these changes. Moreover, as we live in a digital world, hence, use a variety of mobile devices with different size and resolutions, hence, maintaining consistency throughout the devices is indeed a difficult task. You need to take into consideration these aspects when developing a site/app. But once mastered, the benefits it brings is just inexplicable. You need to ensure the browser and operating compatibility does not get hindered, therefore, requires careful implementing the steps.

[code tipe=”336″]

It’s important that the interfaces are engaging and is capable of attracting users so that they stay on your site. However, there are some mistakes that you need to avoid.

The mistakes are as follow.

Using outdated JavaScript libraries:

Always avoid using outdated JavaScript libraries as this could hinder the functionality of your site. You need to check all the libraries to ensure that they are functioning properly. You should use modern JavaScript libraries like Angular JS, Backbone, Ember, React and much more.

Using Table Elements:

Tables are used for displaying information but not for layout design, instead, you can use <div | containers. It’s easy to place elements on a web page as tables are quite complex and result in redundancy which could give rise to flaws in design and issues to browser compatibility. Div containers and CSS are much better than tables for element placement and design.

Using Old HTML Elements:

Technology changes constantly, hence, we have new versions of HTML every now and then. Front-end development depends heavily on browser support and some browsers become obsolete. Therefore, you need to avoid using old HTML elements. With new and more advanced versions come more advanced features that you can implement and be ahead of your competitors.

[code tipe=”336″]

No room for testing:

As a developer, you should always test your web application or website to ensure that it functions properly and to resolve issues if any. Test the app/website on all the browsers to avoid any compatibility issue. If you miss out on this step, then you’d lose some valuable users that don’t use older versions. Therefore, test your code on all the different browsers and identify mistakes that can be improved upon.

 Not Testing App/Website’s Speed:

Your site/app should be optimized so that it load readily on all the different mobile devices and operating systems. The moment your site/app starts taking time or has response issues, users will leave. Speed really matters and if you are thinking of ways to make it faster, then use light images, reduce the size of the files, minify the codes, use page speed test of Google or you can even seek external source like hiring a web development company for a complete evaluation.

Several site speed testers are available to help you identify what elements of your site design are slowing down your application. As with responsive design, search engines take site speed into consideration for ranking. A best practice would be to always test your site and ensure its performance is fine-tuned.

[code tipe=”336″]

Forgetting Responsive Design:

There are millions of websites and mobile applications and the fact that most of them offer the same services and functionality. So, the question is how do you make your site/app unique? Apart from the core functions, the front-end design is what users look first. Your design must be responsive and should complement the modern front-end coding.

After creating the app/site, you should test it on various browsers and on different screen sizes to ensure that the design is responsive and is compatible.

The wrong design is capable of destroying your site’s user base and can cause a dramatic drop in revenue, and get that design right is the role of a front-end developer.

In front-end development, it’s very important to think from the user perspective and there are so many things that can be done but there are some common mistakes that you should avoid. Here some tips that you can deploy at your end that can help you keep your site/app on the right track.

[code tipe=”link”]

Author Bio:

Emily Smith is an ed-tech enthusiast and has been associated with CWS Technology as a writer for more than 6 Years. CWS technology is the leading web development company that provides all IT solutions. Emily has a passion for writing on emerging technologies like application management outsourcing, consulting, system integration etc.