Redesign Concept Inspiration for Social Media Sites

The concept of the layout of a web application is the foundation, and you should make it a strong foundation. Design layout of web applications need to consider several factors such as the beauty of design, functional, eye catching with the perfect color selection. Apparently it is difficult to do. Someone must have experience in […]

Facebook and Gmail New Design Concept in 2014

Facebook and Google and Yahoo are not the only one who has a good web design. I think a lot of designers outside the company who have high skills to create a web page design becomes more perfect. admittedly web designing accessible and usable by all people in this world really difficult. Not everyone is […]

10 Best Logo Design Inspiration Febuary 2014

Logo is the most important thing for a brand or product. The logo will make your product easy to remember, for that you need a good logo design, nice views, nice looking and comfortable easily remembered by consumers. Let’s say a bike shop logo, there should be a bike picture and a few words that […]

4 Tips to Help You Perfectly Redesign your Website

The glamour, the glitz, the magnificent design components that make your site resembles a million bucks. While thinking about a site redesign, it’s anything but difficult to concentrate just on those elements that are speaking to the eye. Lamentably, redesigning a site isn’t just an activity in feel. Without a doubt, the absolutely visual components […]

White Space in Web Design

White, or negative, space can be a powerful tool in the web designer’s toolkit. Long recognized – even subconsciously – as a strong, attention grabbing design element, white space retains its importance on websites. Defining white space is simple, it is an abundance of empty or unused space around an item that you are drawing […]

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