Top Community Websites To Aid Web Designers

The role of a web designer is very diverse and challenging. They always have to be at their creative best and come up with design layouts that are not only high on aesthetics but also score good at providing user experience. People have a misconception that web designers only have to code in HTML, CSS […]

Professional Resume Design Collections

Professional resume will make your score increase, like it or not, the first person you see is the front page of your show. When you are looking for a job, you need to create a resume / CV right, sweet and ideal. That requires the design of appropriate resume as well. An HR will love […]

20+ Useful Design Elements for Designers

A designer requires design elements such as: a mock-up, textures, logos, icons and others. Not easy to make these elements, at least you have to master the technique of drawing well, by computer or manually. To mock up, you should have a good camera and photography skill. Also read : September Deal, Dont miss it […]

Simple and Unique Emoticon for Your App

Emoticons are typically used in applications chat, messaging, email and others. Not all emoticons you can use. You must choose unique emoticon and attractive so your applications look different and unique. I found the new emoticons, unique, simple and interesting for your application. This set of emoticons using png format. 50 Emoticons Flat Shadowed Icons 50 […]

Useful Illustration Elements for Design Project

Maybe you are in need of designs or illustrations to support your project. The current trend is watercolor ilustration, namely handmade illustration created with watercolor media, and entered into the computer. You can use this illustration for a variety of purposes. Generally, this kind ilustration sold on the Internet, you can save time by buying […]

Cheap Premium Icons Under USD $10

Premium icons required for premium app, because the premium icons promising professionalism. It does not hurt when you sell an application or theme using premium icons, because your application will look unique. Icons premium price is very low, less than 10 dollars, that means the equivalent of a cup of coffee. I give some examples […]

Affordable Boostrap Landing Pages for Your Start Up

Landing pages are typically used to introduce a feature or services or new applications that will be release. Usually, a good landing page has a form, where the user can submit e-mail and will receive early notice when the service is available  to the public. A great landing page also displays some excellent features of the […]

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