My Dream : IDE For WordPress

WordPress is a great CMS framework simultaneously. WordPress can be transformed into various websites with ease, depending on the theme being used. WordPress can be used for web profile, company profile, online stores and others. This is possible because of the high degree of flexibility.

I have a dream there is an IDE specifically designed for wordpress. IDE is a special editor to develop templates and plugins. Because it is designed specifically for the wordpress, then its should be compatible with all the latest wordpress, example code completion, drag end drop elements, so that we as developers greatly facilitated wp theme. We do not need to see the manual of codex.wordpress.org, enough of the IDE.

I remember with Borland Delphi. In the past, when I made a few college programs with Delphi, the program is now used by the government and hospitals, there are some that are also used in government libraries.

At Delphi, the code editor is very complete and easy to use. I like the most is the code completing, so we do not need to remember all the functions on wordpress, also the parameters required by the function.

Maybe it looks like Adobe Dreamweaver. There is a mode coding, design and split. Coding modes relying 100% completing the coding and code features, while the design mode enables users to drag and drop feature. Suppose looping commands can be constructed simply by drag and drop. It seems this would be a revolutionary imipian. Because, as long as I use the internet, there is no such product on the market. There are some products that offer ways to make wp theme with drag and drop and no coding required, but its all bullshit

Hopefully, wordpress.org provide an IDE or tool of this kind, so that we as a developer theme so facilitated.

Its just my opinion and my dream.

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