Elementary OS Freya Final Version Released Today

elementary OS freya

Elementary OS freya was released recently and i am has been downloaded. Elementary OS freya built from Ubuntu LTS 14.04, so that the operating system has a strong foundation and support. The most interesting of elementary OS freya are: design, minimalist, simple and very similar to the Apple OS.

Everyone is waiting for the final release of elementary OS freya, I’ve been using the beta version, and it is good. I fell in love with elementary OS freya.

elementary OS freya

Elementary OS freya can be used for free, you can download it for free, but if you have more money, please donate for the next development of elementary OS freya. Because, elementary freya OS is an open source project, where everything is free.

For applications, all ubuntu applications can be installed on elementary OS freya, because the core of the EOS freya is ubuntu, it’s just designed a new and different use desktop systems, namely pantheon desktop

Ok, please download here. There is a choice of 32bit and 64bit. If you have a new generation of computers and have more than 4GB of RAM, we recommend to download and use the 62bit version.

info http://blog.elementary.io/post/116134677986/freya-is-here

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