extract url from google search result

How to Extract URL from Google Search Result

Yesterday I Write articles about how to download all the images from Google image search by taking all the image url. Now I want to share a way how to retrieve the url of Google Search result. You can use this method to collect search results that you’ve done. Instead of taking one by one you will definitely run out of time, or all of your time will be spent to take url images from Google Search result

extract url from google search result

The trick is almost the same as I Mention yesterday, we still use a tool to extract url from Google Search result. Its without using a bot.

First please install this tool on your Google Chrome. Remember yes, that this trick only works for Google Chrome browser.

Please visit this page to install the tool. After that you can do a search. Then press the bookmarklet is installed earlier to take all the url of the Google search result. It’s easy right

That’s the quick tips I hope that this article helps you to extract search result on google

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