Finally, I Found ShareX Alternative for Linux, No Kidding

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What is it?

Switching to Linux is the biggest step and affect the way I work with computers. On the other hand, using linux facilitate work as a web programmer, but to create a design, I have to look for alternatives to photoshop, and I was lucky to find it.

And to write a tutorial, I usually include screenshots. And I took this screenshot directly using shareX. It was while in windows, but when in linux, I can not use shareX. The idea of ​​running shareX with Wine taste quite right, because there are some features that can not be used shareX. Wine can only run the notepad and internet explorer. 2015, who want to use internet explorer?

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Thus, replacement shareX undiscovered.

Finally, I tried to look it up on google and found a small program that I need, this small program is the core of shareX. Take screenshots and upload them to the cloud, simple once right?

sharex alternativ

If shareX has many features, this program will only have one of these features, but can be used.

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Introduce, Fileshare


File Share is a python-based program created by aiki code. The program is quite simple and

  1. easy to use.
  2. The surplus
  3. Small size of this program, thus saving memory
  4. easy to use
  5. simple


  1. Features too little
  2. Can not save screenshots to a local hard disk
  3. That produced .png file, so its size is too large. Should be able to use .jpg

Ok, Download Fileshare Right Now

Download .deb and install. If you are a python developer, you can download the source code and develop your own version.

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