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Web with solid color backgrounds are becoming obsolete by the developers. They started looking for an alternative to the web background, web background as an important factor in the beauty of web design. So, what’s successor? image pattern for the background. A few years ago, the background image patter has been booming, but then recede as shifted by the background color.

Indeed, for the corporate web, pattern for a background image can not be used, because they are building a brand. A company has its own color. So, for example making a pattern for the background image, the color should be in accordance with the company.

Ok, do not have too far to go into that. I would like to share some patterns for web background image. Not all can used as a background image, there must be pattern. Such as this blog, I use a wood pattern.

Ok, let’s start.

1. 25 Retro Patterns Free

25 retro patterns for free Download

2. Waves Retro Pattern

retro image pattern Download

3. Skulls Pattern

skulls pattern Download

4. Wood Pattern #1

wood pattern Download

5. Wood Pattern #2

wood pattern 2 Download

6. Wood Pattern #3

white wood pattern Download

7. Wood Pattern #4

dark wood pattern Download

8. Black Carbon

black carbon Download

9. Big Black Carbon

big black carbon Download

I will update this post soon, so please stay tune

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