Best WordPress Theme Week 22 – 28 March 2015

WordPress is a CMS that is the easiest and most widely used today. Therefore, many designers make a wordpress theme. There are free and paid. Each week, we’ll bring you the best wordpress theme, free and premium. Most free. This post is brought to you by – a high quality site that collects only […]

Ultimate Photos Pack for Web Designers

Sometimes, we need a photo pack for our project, for example web design, graphic design, blog post, to fill your blog or website content and others. To get a good photo pack and in accordance with our soul, is not easy. Our soul as a designer requires a photo that has high artistic value. Yesterday […]

Free Fonts For Designer Edition #5

Its time to add your font collection with this freebies. The latest collection of fonts that you can use for your project, ensuring that your work would not need to pay. Some fonts below you can use for commercial purpose and personal purpose. You do not have to worry about licensing and royalties For another edition, […]

5 Best HTML5 Game Framework

Games built with HTML5 can run on mobile devices such as Smartphones, tablet pc, and the web browser. You simply write the code once and run on all devices. Much like the slogan of java, write once, run everywhere. To facilitate future development created a special framework to create games with HTML5. Purpose is to […]

Free PSD Resources for Designers

As a designer, you probably need to learn Photoshop PSD files directly. By using a PSD file, you can see directly, the screen per layer and color composition. If you are familiar with how to learn through example, a PSD file is an excellent medium. We recommend using the latest version of Photoshop, so it […]

Free Icon Packs with Theme #14

For an application, whether it is based desktop, web or mobile, the icon is crucial because the icon depicting a feature. With the proper icon, your application will perform better, improve the user interface and user experience when use it. In recent days, we received a lot of icons pack that you can use for […]

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