Lychee App : Self Host Photo Management

Want to build a site just like Flickr or Photobucket? They are best photo site, users can upload, share with their friends and many more. I think its too complicated, we are recomended to using simple dead photo management. Its has featured such as upload photos, import photo, download photo and more. Just it, and […]

The Onthel Story Photography

Onthel is the name for an old bike in my life area, Bantul Yogyakarta. Onthel usually decades old and can still be used comfortably. Onthel users are usually the elderly, aged 50 years or older. This bike is very strong and durable. The origin of this bike came from the Netherlands and China. Who first introduced the […]

The Sensational Collections Free Icons Stroke

Icon is a media for presenting an application. Some developers prefers to use icons that are fresh, new and has never been used before. Each application, either a desktop or web-based definitely use to describe a feature icon. To that end, each week there are new iconset released by creative designers and actors. Most icons are free […]

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