Free Image Patterns for Web Background

Web with solid color backgrounds are becoming obsolete by the developers. They started looking for an alternative to the web background, web background as an important factor in the beauty of web design. So, what’s successor? image pattern for the background. A few years ago, the background image patter has been booming, but then recede as shifted […]

Freebies Collection for Designer and Developers Edition #2

Finally we’re on freebies post. Everyone loves freebies, and we offer to you are of premium quality freebies. You will definitely like it. This post contains a collection of icons freebies free, html5 theme (independent), created with the bootstrap, free fonts, backgrounds and more. If you lost freebies in previous edition, please click here or here Collection of […]

Iconmelon : Resource for SVG Icons for Web

SVG become a trendsetter on the web. It seems like all the developers will turn to SVG format, as seen potential and ease to develop. Iconmelon is a website that provides hundreds of SVG icon for the web. All icons are designed in minimalist modern, similiar to the type of icon on iOS 7. Apparently, 2014 […]

12 Damn Cool Free Fonts for Designers

Font type is very important in design field. Many designers certainly know this fact. Even for a blog, I choose the type of font that is good. The end goal is the article is easy to read and looks good. So, the font is an important element in the design. Especially for a company,  they are has exclusive […]

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