Fresh and Useful Javascript Library for Web Developers

Javascript is always evolving and growing. Web programmers require javascript library to complete their projects. Most are jquery plugins, because users jquery very much. However, many programmers that do not use jquery.

This time I want to gather useful javascript library for web developer or web programmer. Every week, on the internet, developers released a javascript library that is ready to use for various purposes.

JSON Server

Is a javascript library that can be used to create REST-API server in just a few seconds. This server can serve requests through a browser. The concept is simple, but can be developed further.



is a javascript library that is used to highlight programming language syntax on the web.


  • 125 languages and 63 styles
  • automatic language detection
  • multi-language code highlighting
  • available for node.js
  • works with any markup
  • compatible with any js framework

Download and info


Is a javascript library to handle and manipulate the date on javascript.


Code example

moment("20111031", "YYYYMMDD").fromNow(); // 4 years ago
moment("20120620", "YYYYMMDD").fromNow(); // 3 years ago
moment().startOf('day').fromNow();        // 9 hours ago
moment().endOf('day').fromNow();          // in 15 hours


Famous Engine

Is a javascript library to create animations and interactions on the web. Perhaps, with the famous engine, you can create a simple animation games or movies.

Famous now unites DOM and WebGL under a single coordinate system. Borrowing concepts from modern game development, Famous structures applications in a scene graph hierarchy that makes manipulating HTML and WebGL together simple and programatic.

famous engine

Info and Demo

Stanford Javascript Crypto Library

Is a library to encrypt the data encryption technique that has been developed by Stanford.

SJCL is secure. It uses the industry-standard AES algorithm at 128, 192 or 256 bits; the SHA256 hash function; the HMAC authentication code; the PBKDF2 password strengthener; and the CCM and OCB authenticated-encryption modes. Just as importantly, the default parameters are sensible: SJCL strengthens your passwords by a factor of 1000 and salts them to protect against rainbow tables, and it authenticates every message it sends to prevent it from being modified. We believe that SJCL provides the best security which is practically available in Javascript. (Unforunately, this is not as great as in desktop applications because it is not feasible to completely protect against code injection, malicious servers and side-channel attacks.)



A javascript library to provide animation to the icons. This library is easy to use and lightweight.




Is a javascript library to create 2D animation. The Pixi renderer Allows everyone to enjoy the power of hardware acceleration without any prior knowledge of WebGL. Also, it’s fast. Really fast.


Download Demo


A javascript library to create a timeline story easily and quickly. With this library, you can create a storyline that is easily understood by the user. Layout is used similar to Plurk, but this one is much simpler.


Download Example

Social Unlocker jQuery Plugin

social unlocker jquery plugin


  • 3 social networks support
  • Fully customizable mask and components
  • 7 unique design styles
  • Support different social unlock styles
  • Mobile devices ready
  • Fully Responsive
  • Cross-browser compability
  • Unlimited number of locked content on same page



A javascript library for form validation purposes without rewriting one line of code. For those of you who want to add validation features, then parsely.js worth trying. You simply add an HTML attribute that can recognize javascript


Download Demo


If you need a library that can handle HTML5 canvas and image, then fabric.js very appropriate for you. You can do anything with the image, such as resize, drag and drop, add text, animations, hover and others.



Motion Slider Jquery Plugin

motion slider jquery plugin

Motion Slider is a responsive jQuery slider plugin for mobile and desktop that enables multi-transition and browser prefix free CSS animation to your HTML DOM elements



imgix.js is a dependency-free Javascript library that allows you to easily use the imgix API to make images on your site or app responsive to device size and pixel density.

imgix.js allows for intuitive use of imgix features like text formatting, color palette extraction, color adjustments, effects, and watermarking.



TinyTable for Responsive Table

responsive tinytable jquery plugin

TinyTable is jquery plugin for your website which will convert your tables into mobile format



DarkroomJS is a JavaScript library which provides basic image editing tools in your browser, such as rotation or cropping.



Currently, the implemented features are:

Crops the image by selecting a zone with your mouse. This supports several options like ratio and dimensions control (min/max).
Adds two buttons to let you rotate hte image to the left or the right.
Allows to undo and redo any changes on the main image.
Transform back the canvas into image. This is mainly a proof of concept to show how plugins work. 


Responsive FlipBook jQuery Plugin

jquery responsive flipbook

It is fully HTML & jQuery driven no Flash Player needed. Works on desktop and mobile devices! You get the same experience on every platform because responsive design makes it look good on all resolutions. Easy to customize with a JSON.



A small, fast, modern, and dependency-free library for lazy loading.



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