The Future of Infographic Design

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Content creation is more popular than ever before. Did you know 60% of marketers create at least one piece of new content each day? With so much competition out there, it is important that your business blog stands out from the crowd.

The Rise of Visual Content

It appears that users are opening up their eyes to visual content. Studies have shown that humans gather their first impression in a mere 50 milliseconds, which is just one of the reasons why quality content is so important.

Marketers are seeing visual content like infographics as the way forward when it comes to content creation. Already businesses and designers are enhancing their infographics to make them even more engaging.


The infographic design above displays the ever increasing amount of content which is sent every minute, and it has been estimated that 84 percent of communications will be visual by 2018. This is why getting your visual content strategy just right is vital if you want your business to be ahead of its competitors.

So, what lies ahead? Here are just a few ways designers are enhancing their infographics to make them more user friendly.

Creating Interactive Infographics

Millennials love interactive websites and user-friendly applications; interactive infographics may still be fairy new, however, it looks like they are here for the long run.

Visually an infographic should look attractive and have some informative content in-between. By adding an element of interaction into the infographic mix means that users can connect with the content and make it their own.

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There are several advantages of interactive infographics, no matter what type of service or product your company sells:

  • Interactive infographics are extremely sharable as it will encourage your audience to engage with it
  • Other blogs and websites may use your content, therefore, it will generate traffic to your website.
  • An interactive infographic will stand out on your webpage and it will show your consumers that you have invested in quality design.

Infographics with Embedded Videos and GIFs

More and more infographic designers are adding video clips and even GIFs (Graphics Interchange Format) to attract the attention of online users.

infographic creation tools, like, encourage users to embed videos from YouTube. This can also be simply done on applications like PowerPoint, where you can turn slides into infographics.

The same goes with GIFs. We are making it sound simple, however, the key to doing this is knowing how to share an infographic as a URL.


Top reasons for using GIFs and videos in your infographics

  • Change it up! By adding something new to your content you are creating an element of surprise.
  • Add some humour into your content. Videos and Gifs are often entertaining and your users may be more inclined to hang about and read them.
  • Create a brand identity that stands out from the crowd

Animated Infographics

Slightly trickier, an animated infographic can be more difficult to make. Animated infographics are still fairly uncommon and most likely will require some graphic design knowledge.

It appears that animation is the way forward for this medium. Studies have shown that the average user spends about 15 seconds on a website before they get bored. This is why your websites content should stand on its own two feet.

Content is evolving and soon the infographic will be much more than just a .jpeg image. It is always advised that you use a professional infographic designer to create quality content for your site. Remember, an infographic can be adapted and used in many different ways.

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