FWD Social Share WP Plugin : Simple Share Button without Javascript for WordPress

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What is it?

I’m looking for a way to show the share button, so  web visitors easy to share content on social media. The easiest alternative is  addthis. But, the weakness of the solution is that you need to insert additional javascript and it will slow website loading time. I do not like this. If your site has a lot of visitor, there may be a problem, although it could not be ascertained.

Then, I was looking for some plugins and compare. Most include a javascript plugin itself and each button instance facebook or twitter have additional javascript, and certainly become more severe loading.

It’s not a good way, I have to think about making the share button without javascript. The disadvantage is

  1. We’are cannot get how much an article was shared.
  2. No animation of share button

Then, after seeing the snippet code share button, I created a simple plugin to display the share button on your website. This plugin is very small in size and uses only HTML and CSS. CSS file size is very small and has a shortcode feature so that you can put it wherever you want.

Introducing FWD Social Share WP Plugin

Currently, FWD new Social Share still in alpha stage, where there are only a few simple features, but is able to run the function and are already supporting more than 10+ social media.

FWD Social Share have 1 piece of shortcuts that you can use in wordpress editor, but unfortunately I have not made a special button to insert in wordpress editor.


FWD Social Share wordpress plugin is not available in the plugin directory, but you can download here. You can develop this plugin to fit your needs.

Download here

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