How to Give Permission for User to Submit Content to Your Blog Without Become Member?

wp user frontend

In this blog we provide one means to enable authors and web developers can submit their writings with facilities Write for us. If you have a paper or infographic or a JavaScript library, then you can send the text to us in order to be published in this blog. But of course we will select the first or edit them beforehand in order to conform with the standards we apply.

At first we use email to receive manuscripts from writers, but this time we worked hard and finally found a plug-in that can simplify the delivery process of writing. Authors can directly write on the pages we have provided without the need to register in advance but must have a valid email.

This plugin lets the user send something directly from the front page of this website.
Introduce WP user frontend. This section will enable us to make post pages for guest writers. We are very easy to create a from and configure it so well.

What are the features WP frontend user?

wp user frontend

One of my favorite features is support custom file so that we can make a wide range of applications and of course we can record the data of visitors we want. These data are stored in custom fields. As we know that the custom field is one of the best features that are owned by WordPress. With the custom field we can create with WordPress.

Then another feature is that we can put form that you created earlier wherever we want. Suppose we want to paste form on a page or on a post. This is due to the short code. We just add the shortcut generated by WP user front end.

And not to be forgotten is during the process of creating the form we do not need to understand programming language for the frontend user WP Drag and drop support. So just slide later. You can set it to your liking

In addition, we can adjust the language used. We can edit the label so that the forum is more familiar to the user. I’ve tried it on a local website that talks about culinary. And the result is very satisfactory, I like the convenience offered by WP frontend user.

Choose a paid or free?

WP user front end has two options, namely the free version and a paid version or the Pro version. The free version can be ensured to have limited features, but as far as I and my experience using plug ins, free version is more than enough to record the data visitor data. I like the most is the free version already supports custom fields.

wp user frontend

That’s what I prefer

Then the pro version supports more features. Its excellent features such as notifications. So when the user sends the writing then the administrator or owner of the website will get a notification that a user who sent the text. This notification will be sent via email is already registered.

Maybe I would choose the Pro version if the features available in the free version is no longer possible to meet the criteria that I apply.

Download the user WP frontend

To download please click here or you can look through your WordPress dashboard.

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