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Freswebdev.com opportunity to user want to write article related to web design and development. We accept all posts ranging from personal opinion, experiments, new freebies, original freebie and many more.

Your article must meet several criteria below

  1. Articles must be original and have never been published in any media. After the article appears on freshwebdev.com, you may republish the article by providing a link to the article at freshwebdev.com
  2. The topic of the article must be related to the theme of this website : web design, web development, wordpress, snippet code and freebies.
  3. The length of the article is at least 400 words, may insert useful and relevant outgoing links.
  4. It is permitted to add the author box.
  5. In 1 article, there is a maximum of 1 do follow backlinks

How to Submit Articles

Articles are written in .docx or .text or .html format. If you have a picture as a complement, please make it in 1 separate folder from the article. All of the files were compressed using the .zip / .rar / .7zip extension

The article file is sent via email [email protected], we will notify you when your article has been published

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