Hello World, I am Use Hybrid Core WordPress Framework

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What is it?

I am just trying to use framework based wordpress theme and i am choose Hybrid core framework. Stargaze is child theme based on hybrid core wordpress framework. Its rock solid wordpress theme with many feature such as on-page SEO optimization, clean code, simple and best typography.

Some great blogs also use Stargaze, like WpTavern. Therefore, this theme is well tested. Actually there is a better framework, namely Genesis framework, but its paid framework

Hybrid core is free, but to get into the user community should pay too, this framework also minimal documentation, so the hybrid framework seems less mature product, or the author of this framework is not willing to release 100% as freebies

If you liked this framework, then please using several child theme which is ready for use, while if you want to add something, you have to find a fortune with this theme.

Full demo theme

For a few days, I will try this theme. I will write some cases encountered and will update this post as soon as possible.

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